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Do You know: In-Flight Magazines Can Save You From Hours of Boredom

Air travel can’t always be fun especially when you are traveling alone. It feels like trapped on a seat for hours with no friends, no talks, no laugh and no fun at all. How to overcome such boredom? It sucks…

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March, 19, 2019 By : Admin

Travel Tips You Should Know As A First Time Flyer

Anyone who is traveling the first time gets nervous. There are so many questions buzzing around their mind related to travel. They need to know everything; what to do in the next step and how to do. To avoid such…

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March, 13, 2019 By : Admin

Various Facilities in Business Class of Lufthansa Airline

Business class travel means comfort, leisure, and peace. You are away from the noisy and irritating environment with tight sitting. So, business class flights come with the various facilities to make passenger sit comfortably. You are going to have service…

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March, 11, 2019 By : Admin

Southwest Airline Customer Service Information and Refund Policy

Customer Service Commitment of Southwest Airline: The flight tickets can be reserved or purchased directly from the website of Southwest Airlines, its mobile app, or at a Southwest ticket counter. The airline is responsible to provide their customers with the…

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March, 5, 2019 By : Admin

United Airline Cancellation, Tarmac Delay and Refund Policy

Flight can be canceled due to various reasons. The flight can be canceled due to a technical problem or a reason that is controllable under airline or weather issues. For cancellation, you may get a refund from the airline depending…

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March, 2, 2019 By : Admin

JetBlue Airways Cancellation Policy, Compensation & Rebooking of Flights

The ticket cancellation is of two types it may either be canceled by the airline or by the traveler. For both cases, the situation and policies are different. Also, it depends on the fare options you have purchased. Check out…

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February, 27, 2019 By : Admin

Qatar Airways Policy For Cancellation And Refund For Flight Tickets

Everyday a lot of flights travel to and from different destinations. Sometimes the flight is canceled or delayed due to circumstances like bad weather condition or any technical issue. An airline can cancel your flight due to the above reasons….

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February, 26, 2019 By : Admin