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United Airline Baggage Information, Restricted Items and Reviews


United airline is one of the major American Airline serving domestic as well as international flights. This airline serves various destinations worldwide. Booking through any airlines means you have to fly under the rules and regulations of that specific airline. Either, it is baggage allowance , ticket cancellation, the refund policy, or any other service passengers have to follow the rules.


Check Out The Baggage Allowance By United Airline:

  • Basic Economy Tickets: A basic economy passenger can bring carry-on baggage and 1 personal item. The baggage size for the personal item is 17 x 10 x 9inches and for carry-on is 22 x 14 x 9 inches including wheel and handle.
  • Other than this if you want to carry a checked baggage/ hold luggage, sports equipment, over-weight, and oversize bags applicable fees per bag depending on weight and size may apply.


Moreover, You Can Also Bring The Following Items In Addition To The Above Items:

  • Jacket or umbrella
  • Reading Material
  • Food purchased in the airport
  • Devices like a collapsible wheelchair, medical devices needed to administer prescription medications, portable oxygen concentrator, etc.
  • FAA-approved child restraint system
  • Diaper bag
  • Camera
  • Pet carrier but, charges may apply


Restrictions For Carry-On Baggage That You Must Follow:

  • Keep the bag near the seat in the cabin.
  • Apply the seat belt to avoid the bag sliding during the flight.
  • Do not keep the bag at the emergency exit or in the aisle of the cabin.
  • Must not contain dangerous goods like pepper spray.


If you are traveling with an infant then you are allowed to bring one stroller and one car seat per child.

Checked BaggageAn economy class passenger can bring 2 bags as checked-in (fees may apply for economy class fare). Total dimensions (length + width + height) for bag is 62 inches or 157 cm. Moreover, the bags must not exceed the weight: 50 pounds or 23 kg.


For An Additional Or Excess Baggage Standard Charges May Apply:

  • Oversized Fee for a bag up to 115 inches: $200 per bag
  • Overweight Fee depending on the route:
Weight Ranging between Charges per Bag
51-70lb $100 – $200
71-100lb $200 – $400


Special Restricted Items:

  • Liquids, Gas, and aerosols: The items that come into the category of liquid, gas, or aerosol are allowed to carry in containers of4 ounces (100 mL) or less, inside a single quart-size sealable bag.

A passenger traveling the US or having connecting flights are allowed to bring duty-free merchandise in excess of 3.4 ounces. Make sure the items are properly packed in clear bags that can be easily screened otherwise such items are not allowed to bring in a carry-on.

Moreover, the restriction on such items varies depending on the country you are traveling.

  • Powder like substances: Powder like substances should be packed in a checked-baggage. Powder like substances less than 12 fluid ounces / 350 ml is allowed in their carry-on bag. Items such as medically prescribed powders, baby formula, and human remains can be carried in carry-on either they are more than 12 ounces.


Reviews from Customers:


Much better than anticipated

I have just returned from Newark Liberty airport having paid £406 for a round trip. On the plus side: The flight staff was superb. Newark ground staff excellent. Couldn’t ask for a veggie dish on either flight via the app but got one regardless. Plenty of leg room, excellent entertainment package onboard and spot on flights. Not what I expected from a budget US Airline. Definitely, will fly with them again.

David owitz:

Traveling from Montreal to San Diego with a stop in Toronto,

Their service was excellent,

On the way back I came to the United front desk asking if they can change my timing of the flight and the lady helped me gladly,

Thanks, United.

Julie Rodriguez

The airline was by far the best I have

The airline was by far the best I have traveled within the past 20 years plenty of staff and really efficient food was very good all staff really happy Hugh selection of movies shall travel with them from now on and tell all friends and family about this wonderful airline.


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