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Flying During the Pandemic? Fill out a Preflight Health Checklist Before Your Journey

After this global pandemic, travel is resuming day by day. Due to the coronavirus restrictions airlines are adding up new safety measures for the safety of travelers. Different airlines have different requirements as mentioned below: United Airlines and Alaska Airlines…

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June, 22, 2020 By : Admin


As the coronavirus pandemic continues, JetBlue Airways will require passengers to wear face masks or other face coverings from May 4. It is the first U.S. airline to do so and help in the slow down of the spread of the…

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May, 6, 2020 By : Admin

Coronavirus Characterized Pandemic By World Health Organization

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected 114 countries around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been assessing this outbreak and made an assessment that COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic. This outbreak is leading to unnecessary suffering and death. Check…

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March, 12, 2020 By : Admin

A New Commercial Aircraft Speed Record: British Airways Flight Crosses Atlantic In Less Than 5 hours

For the first time in years, a commercial passenger plane has flown across the Atlantic in less than five hours. A British Airways flight landed early Sunday morning at Heathrow Airport in London after leaving John F. Kennedy International Airport…

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February, 13, 2020 By : Admin

These Are The World’s Safest Airlines, According To

An airline safety and product rating website, has once again created a list, based on metrics including industry and government audits, crash and serious incident records, fleet age, safety initiatives and profitability. Top 20 safest airlines 2020 are always at the…

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January, 3, 2020 By : Admin

American Airlines First To Launch Mobile App Passport Scanning

American is the first airline to offer passport chip scanning that securely transmits passport information directly from the Near Field Communication (NFC) chip embedded in the passport. This allows customers to head directly to the gate for international flights without…

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December, 6, 2019 By : Admin

Qantas Sets Record With Nearly 20-hour Commercial Flight From New York to Sydney

Australia’s Qantas on Sunday completed the first non-stop commercial flight from New York to Sydney, which was used to run a series of tests to assess the effects of ultra-long-haul flights on crew fatigue and passenger jetlag. The Boeing 787…

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October, 24, 2019 By : Admin