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The Direct Flight Between Kolhapur and Tirupati is Once Again Restored


flight between Kolhapur and Tirupati


While journeying by flight between Kolhapur and Tirupati was interrupted, on March 31, 2024, after three and a half months, flights to these same destinations resumed.

As of before, a privately-funded airline launched flights between those cities; later, however, the company ceased the service shortly after. Contrary to that, the launch is drawing passengers toward it.

The direct flight to Tirupati from Kolhapur will operate three days per week: Sundays, Wednesdays, and Tuesdays. The journey by plane scheduled for Kolhapur airport, leaving at 11am will see passengers taking off and reaching Tirupati in the afternoon. The return flight will depart Tirupati around 12:35, landing Kolhapur by 1:45 p.m.

As a native of the area, Aditya Mohite praised this concrete step and especially mentioned how it will provide additional convenience for Tirupati devotees visiting Balaji Temple. The proposed means of transportation surely minimizes the passenger trouble of traveling by train, making their journey more comfortable and relaxed.

The StarAir Company manager, Nandkumar Gaurav, addressed the beginning of the flight from the new terminal building at Kolhapur Airport. He was particularly pleased for such a good response from the travelers that 80% of the April bookings have already been booked.

Local tourists

Every trip will have a maximum of 45 passengers aboard, despite the 50-seat total, because of the quick runway. Mr. Anil Shinde, the director of Kolhapur Airport, said that the launch of this particular course is going to actually greatly improve the tourist season in both cities. It will set an increasing tempo of tourism excursions for locals and tourists alike.