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Business Class Flights

You have reached the right place if you are looking for Business Class tickets to India at the lowest price. At Mint Fares, we have the best and most extensive deals on Business Class Flights. The team of Mint Fares efficiently takes care of your comfort when traveling. Our main aim is to provide you a luxurious experience on Business Class Flights in the best possible way. So, fly with us for a better experience.

Business-class is the highest level of service in commercial flights. With the proliferation of airlines, business class flights have become relatively common and are not as expensive as they used to be. Many fliers now opt for business class flights due to the comfort and premium facilities extended. In case you are on the hunt for business class tickets to India, Mint Fares is ‘the’ destination.

Reasons To Travel In Business Class:

Business Class Travel Amenities At Cheaper Rates:

  • You can enjoy the amenities in Business Class which are quite similar to First Class but there is a clear difference in price. For example, Qantas and Emirates Airlines both provide Chauffeur service to pick and drop both their Business Class and First Class passengers.
  • Passengers of both the classes can enjoy Gourmet meals as well as facilities of the latest entertainment systems along with the fully-flat bed seats.
  • Travel with leisure in a comfortable seat with proper privacy and special service from the flight attendants.
Business Class


The benefits of flying business class are innumerable, and we have compiled a list for you.

  • Priority luggage check-in and priority security check
  • Comfortable seats and spacious leg space
  • Availability of in-seat power supply and USB boards
  • Additional baggage allowance

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Points are the optimal method of upgrading to a business class. If award availability is applicable for your flight, you can make good use of the points to upgrade to business class.

Airlines are often left with several vacant business class seats, and you can use the opportunity to upgrade to a business class flight at a reduced price. The last resort is to enquire at the check-in counter for a business class upgrade.

While searching for cheap business class flights to India, make sure to follow the tips mentioned above.

Aiming to get great deals on cheap business class tickets to India? We can help!

Busness class 2

How to Get the Best Deal in Business Class!

Last-Minute Upgrade

As the departure date comes near, almost all the leading airline carriers sell unsold Business Class tickets at very cheap prices

Deals on Advance Purchase

If you book your tickets well in advance; merely about 60-90 days in advance, then you can avail better offers and heavy discounts on Business Class tickets from the Airline companies

Flexible Travel Dates

If you show flexibility with regards to the date and time of travel, you can enjoy better discounts on flights. So try to be flexible with your travel dates, days and if possible, even destination.


Q1: What is the difference between Premium Economy and Business Class?

Ans: Premium Economy is essentially a section of seating between the Economy Class and Business Class. Business Class offers more legroom and recline than Premium Economy. While you get better food in Premium Economy than that served in Regular Economy, Business Class offers gourmet meals and finer wines.

Premium Economy offers wider, more comfortable seats than regular Economy, while Business Class generally offers flat-bed seating and a fully dedicated cabin. Also, the service is better in Business Class as compared to that in Premium Economy. The best way to score a deal is by looking for last minute Business Class tickets. 

Q2: Which airlines have the best Business Class? 

Ans: Emirates: You get on-board lounges on Boeing 777s and A380s, full flat lie-down seats, high-end food, personal mini-bar, and complimentary chauffeur service to and from the airport. 

British Airways: ‘Club World’ offers personal suite-style seats that can be converted into beds, premium dining and drink service, ‘Club World London City’ for flights between New York (JFK) and London with just 32 seats, making it seem like a private jet.

Singapore Airlines: You get lie-flat seats convertible to full-sized beds on A380s, gourmet dining and extra storage space.

If you’re looking for cheap Business Class tickets to India or any other country, we recommend first checking the fare charged by these airlines. 

Q3: Is flying Business Class expensive?

Ans: The luxury of flying Business Class does not come cheap. Business Class flights generally cost five to ten times more than economy class tickets. It would cost a few thousand dollars per person to fly Business Class on international routes.

The price of a Business Class ticket depends upon many factors like the airline, distance, time of the year of travel (holiday season or otherwise) and the mode of payment you opt for. In general, the typical price of an international Business Class ticket will be in the range of $3,000 to $5,000 and above.

That being said, you can still find cheap Business Class flights to India and other countries when you book on MintFares.

Q4: How can I get Business Class tickets for less?

Ans: It’s usually not too difficult to find discount Business Class tickets. Although the fare, while lesser than usual, will never be really cheap. A few things you can do to get Business Class travel deals include using air miles to get a lower-priced Business Class ticket.

You could also use a travel-friendly credit card with a large sign-up bonus, which may give you enough points to pay for at least a one-way ticket. Another way to get cheap Business Class tickets is to use the ‘calendar view’ option when booking your ticket so you will know the fare for different days. You can then adjust your travel program accordingly.

Q5: I already have an economy class ticket. How much will it cost to upgrade to Business Class?

Ans: Some airlines charge the actual fare difference between the current Business Class rate and your economy ticket fare. However, if you are holding a ‘basic economy’ ticket, you typically cannot upgrade, no matter how much you are ready to pay.

If you intend to upgrade, you should buy a ‘main economy’ or ‘premium economy’ ticket. Business Class fares are most likely to drop closer to the flight date, and if there are seats vacant, you can upgrade at a lower cost. Alternatively, you can look on MintFares for cheap first class tickets to India and other countries. 

Q6: What are some additional amenities that Business Class travelers get?

Ans: Want to book a Business Class ticket to India or any other country and wondering what amenities you can expect to get?

In addition to upgraded wider seats which often recline to become full-flat beds, other enhanced features of Business Class are priority check-in facility (extra baggage free of charge), priority security clearance, exclusive lounge access, first to board the aircraft, duvet blankets, super soft pillows and designer toiletries, gourmet meals (multi-course international menu) and drink choices (champagne included), unlimited drinks, variety of snacks, entertainment options on big screens.

Now you know why Business Class flights to India from USA and other destinations are so popular. 

Q7: Which airlines offer lie-flat beds in Business Class?

Ans: Many airlines offer lie-flat beds, which of course depends upon the aircraft. It is advisable to check the airlines’ websites before booking your business class flight to India or other countries, to be sure of the offerings.

Airlines that almost always have lie-flat beds and not angled or reclined seats are American Airlines, Air France, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Delta, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Air Canada, ANA All Nippon Airways, Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Iberia, KLM, Qatar Airways, United, Qantas Airways, Thai Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Air China.

Airlines Non-Stop One Stop Multiple Stop Min Fare Min Duration Airline Review
Air India No Yes Yes $862* 20h 15m* Air India Review
United No Yes Yes $999* 22h 5m* United Airline Review
Etihad No No Yes $967* 33h 55m* Etihad Airline Review
Lufthansa No No Yes $1196* 23h 5m* Lufthansa Airline Review

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