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Do You Know: Best Business Class Airlines In Asia 2019?


Who doesn’t want to make their air journey comfortable? And what can be better than booking a business class for this purpose. Yes, this is true that when you fly in business class the experience is different. You get the best services in every essence whether food or entertainment, drinks or staff everything is at its best. The best thing is that you will get more legroom to relax. It matters a lot especially when you are on a long-haul journey. You will indeed have to spend little more than economy class but you will get the best amenities here. So it’s worth to pay more for comfortable travel. Though you have made your mind to book a business class then why not to travel in the best one? Yes, several airlines provide you business class flights to Asia which includes business class flights to India , China, Indonesia, Hong-Kong, Vietnam and other Asian countries. So let us know about

What Is The Business Class?


In this class, you will get a better experience of flying than economy class. If you can’t afford first-class travel then don’t bother business class is the best option. It costs less than first-class and the services are nearly compatible with first class. Here you get the best entertainment services, best food services, and best flying experience. Besides all this, you get several other facilities that you get in business class. Let us see quickly:

Advantages of Business Class 

  • First of all, you get priority while check-in.
  • After that, you can enjoy the best foods and drinks in-flight.
  • They also provide chauffeur services to passengers.
  • In addition to the access to the Wi-Fi is something that everyone wants.
  • Amazing thing is that you get access to airplane lounges also.
  • Lie-flat seats are the best thing from the comfort point of view.

Now here is the list of the best business class flight award winners in 2019. These awards are provided by Skytrax every year to the best airlines all over the world. Here we are presenting the list of best business class airlines in Asia.

Qatar Airways:-

  • Qatar is listed at number one for providing the best business class experience to the passengers. Don’t think twice if you are booking your flight in Qatar airways.
  • Here you will get fully flatbeds throughout your journey.
  •  A Chauffeur will be waiting for you to pick-up you before take-off and after landing to drop you to your final destination.
  • Besides that, the passengers in business class also get free meals, snacks, and drinks depending on the length of the journey.
  • Wi-Fi facilities and best entertainment is also offered to the passengers.

ANA All Nippon Airways:-


  • It is a Japanese airline that is on 2nd number for providing the best business class services to the passengers. Check the perks provides by ANA All Nippon Airways.
  • First of all business class passengers get a separate counter for check-in. You don’t have to wait in a long queue.
  • If you are flying internationally you will have access to lounges. Feel free to enjoy this service.
  • You will get the best options for dining and drinks in business class flights.
  • Wi-Fi and entertainment are also available. You can easily kill boredom by using them. Watch any movie of your choice or listen to music of your choice.
  • There are other complementary facilities are also there that you can enjoy here.

Singapore Airlines:-


Singapore airways are another top name in the air-industry. This Singapore based airline and an award winner in 2019. Check the services offered by Singapore airlines here.

  • First of all, you will fly according to your comforts lying on the flatbed seats.
  • You can place your laptop and carry bag without ant restriction.
  • Besides that get a personal screen with noise-canceling headphones and enjoy the entertainment services without any interruption.
  • You can give the best treat to your eyes and stomach by having the best meal options.
  • These are some best amenities of Singapore Airlines.



  • Flying in Emirates? Great you are flying in an award-winning airline. Get ready to serve by the best in-flight services and make your journey worthwhile.
  • Services provided by Emirates Airlines
  • Lie completely on the flatbed seats of the soft leather fabric.
  • Besides that, you can enjoy your favorite food and drinks while flying.
  • Experience a new level of comfort with the Wi-Fi and other entertainment options.
  • Watch your favorite TV series or newly released movies.

Qantas Airways:-


  • Qantas is an Australian airline that is forever favorite among passengers for its flying experiences and in-flight facilities.
  • You will get priority on check-in counters, dedicated boarding lane, and disembarkation access.
  • You will be given priority for baggage handling as well.
  • Besides that, you will get personal in-flight entertainment facilities on demand.
  • Get complimentary access to airport lounges.
  • Besides that, you can read magazines for your entertainment if you are a reader, though you can also enjoy movies and unlimited music.
  • Talking about food and drinks, you will get the best services here too.

These are the top 5 award-winning airline of 2019 in Asia. Why not fly in them and make your air travel classy and luxurious. Get the best flying experience when you are spending money already? You will feel refresh and joyful throughout the journey.

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