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Where in India will you fly to from Canada

There are 70 places in India you could fly to from Canada. Here are the best prices out there.

1+ stops From 768* CAD
1+ stops From 768* CAD
1+ stops From 768* CAD
1+ stops From 768* CAD
Canada to Bangalore
1+ stops From From 768* CAD
Canada to Chennai
1+ stops From 768* CAD

Flying from Canada to India: fast facts

The things to know before you go.

Cheapest month to fly


Average flight time

14 hrs, 8 mins

Most popular airline

Air India

Average flights per week


Canada to India Flights – Book Within Minutes Through Mintfares

Was your past experience of finding Canada to India flights daunting, stressful, or time-consuming? Fret Not! Booking the desired flights through the most trusted platform like Mintfares can be a breeze. Irrespective of what time of the day or night you start your search, you will complete the booking process within minutes through the website of Mintfares. With affordable flights, selection of the airlines that you prefer, and access to various options, we put every possible effort to simplify your booking process.

We spend our time evaluating the budget and needs of travelers. We keep introducing new offers on a regular basis and update travelers regarding the same. The moment a traveler lands on our website, he can get comprehensive information within a short period of time. Our extensive experience in the travel industry, exceptional and budget-friendly booking options available on our website, and the highest clientele are some of the factors that make us a reliable platform for travelers.

The Ideally-suited Time For Travelers

The ideally-suited time depends on several things and the most significant one is what kind of traveler you are. If you are an adventure lover, traveling during November and January months would be an excellent decision. You can visit Darjeeling, Gangtok, and Himachal Pradesh for trekking sites, lion safaris, zoos, and much more. For beach lovers, June and September months would be perfect. Goa, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Pondicherry, and Lakshadweep have stunning beaches that attract the majority of travelers from far locations. During June to September months, there are pleasant weather conditions in these locations.

For those planning to start any kind of business, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Noida, Mumbai, and Pune are simply magnificent. There is no particular month to go there. Contrary to this, Shimla, Manali, and Spiti Valley are the places to experience snowfalls. December to February are the months during which these places are simply a must-visit.

Low Cost Flights from Canada to India- More Discounts, Huge Savings

You can make huge savings while booking Qatar Airways flights that start from C$ 1,300. The prices of Canada to Bhopal flights range from C$ 1,200-1,550. There are flights with fewer stops and some of them cost between C$ 1,200-1,280. The cheap flights to India from Canada start from C$ 550. Qatar Airways flights are usually less expensive than other flights offered by other airlines such as WestJet, Porter Airlines, Air Canada, and British Airways. 

For those who are on the hunt for flights from Canada to Delhi, there are plenty of airlines, including Multiple airlines, Air India, etc. Canada to Delhi flights start from C$ 1100. The flights from Canada to Bangalore start from C$ 1200. Whereas, you can book a flight from Canada to Chennai that ranges from C$ 800-900. For finding low-cost flights, making huge savings, and getting discounts, we are undoubtedly the most dependable platform. Keep in touch with us to become aware of which other airlines and flights are perfectly-suited to you.

Get Best Deals On The CANADA To INDIA Flights

Don’t miss out on the best opportunity to grab ideal deals on Canada To India flights.

Which Months would be best to get cheap flights

October to December are the overcrowded months as there are festivals in India. Some airlines offer cheap flights during these months. The festival lovers can maximize their thrill of enjoying their favourite festivals by grabbing exceptional deals and cheap flights through us. During February, it is easy to get cheap tickets as this month falls under the off-season.

To make the most out of summer holidays, we help you get cheap flights in the months of May to July. Without any extra time or effort from your side, you will get a list of cheap flights through Mintfares. The cheap flights are within your reach now.

Some Valuable Suggestions Before Booking Affordable Flights to India:

  • Thorough research on different airlines
  • Finding deals and money-saving offers
  • Contacting an airport near you and enquire from them
  • Search affordable, non-stop, and direct flights on the day you plan your trip
  • Price comparisons of numerous flights and choose the ideally-suited one

Why Mintfares Is The Best Platform for Canada to India Flights

Traveling from Canada to Delhi can include hassle, time, effort, and energy. Most of the time, it can exceed your budget. We have become a reputable name in the travel industry over the years and we take the right measures that help travelers avoid hassle, save time, energy, and make minimal effort while finding or booking flights to India from Canada.

Counted as the pioneers in the travel industry, we handpick the team of travel experts who have the maximum knowledge of travel trends and give quick responses to travelers related to travel, booking flights, and much more. Booking business class flights is one of our core specializations. In addition to this, we also arrange top-notch accommodations and transportation services for travelers including cars and hotels.

A Trusted name in the travel industry
Extensive discounts and deals that perfectly match travelers’ preferences
Comprehensive details on suitable flights
Cost-effective ticket prices
Solid relationships with world-class airlines

To experience the thrill of booking Canada to India cheap flight tickets with our exciting offers awaiting, drop a line to our team now.


The things to know before you go.

Ans :Yes. Turn your head towards Mintfares. Our website comprises every single detail on making your booking process simpler. Within the shortest possible time, you will get the desired outcomes. We take ideal initiatives to take you closer to what you search or expect. Our team works 24/7 to streamline things for travelers who browse our website. Our motto is to keep you away from difficulties that may arise when you try to book Canada to Delhi flights.

Ans : Among hordes of agencies, not every agency is offering exceptional deals and money-saving offers at your doorstep. Reputation, experience, the highest success rate, maximum positive reviews, and top-class services set us apart from other agencies. When you are with us, you never have to exceed your budget and your tickets and flights will be booked with zero intricacy. Booking non-stop flights to Canada is not at all difficult with Mintfares. Call our team now to ease your booking process.

Ans : We not only offer booking and flight selection services but we also primarily focus on other things that are important for travelers such as hotel selection, rental cars, and much more. We promise to advise on flights to India from Canada with a mission to give you everything that you envision. We are always curious to serve our clients and we have all what they desire

Ans : Westjet, Delta Airlines, Air Canada, and Lufthansa are the most famous airlines. If deciding which one among them should be ideal to choose is not easy for you, let us help. Our veteran team is simply unparalleled in getting information on airlines, their services, timings, and a handful of other details. We collaborate with top-rated airlines and our clients can keep all complexities of finding airlines at bay.

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