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Canada to Bhopal Flights

It has never been easier to visit the charming Indian city of Bhopal from the vast landscapes of Canada. With a variety of flights connecting these two distant destinations, the journey not only covers miles but also cultures and experiences. The first concern of people traveling on Canada to Bhopal Flights is the cost of the tickets, however, not with us. Here, you will discover the best prices, as we are the most dependable travel agencies with years of expertise in booking international flights. So, seize the top offers currently available on all flights from Canada to Bhopal. In fact, you can rely on the best travel agents to find the cheapest flights from Canada to Bhopal. MintFares finds the most affordable flight prices for you and helps you save more. Hence, with us, you can have the most pleasurable International ticket booking experience to Bhopal.


About Bhopal City

Bhopal city is capital city of Madhya Pradesh. It is famous for its lush greenery, artificial lakes, and educational hub. MintFares is offering Canada to Bhopal flight deals at high discount. Come and fly to your dream city in your own budget. Fly to this beautiful mid-sized city located in the heart of India that offers rich history, picturesque scenes, and renowed town.


Airlines operating from Canada to Bhopal

There are no direct flights from Canada to Bhopal. However, a number of airlines provide connecting flights. The most popular airlines that offer Canada To India flights from Canada to Bhopal are Air India, Emirates, and Qatar Airways. In short, these airlines provide a blend of convenience, comfort, and excellent service.


The following are the most popular routes from Canada to Bhopal:

  • Air India connects Toronto and Bhopal via Delhi.
  • Air India operates flights from Montreal to Bhopal via Delhi.
  • Emirates offers flights from Vancouver to Bhopal via Dubai.
  • Through Doha, Qatar Airways connects Vancouver and Bhopal.

Duration of Flight

The flight duration for Canada to Bhopal flights depends on the airline and the route. While no direct flights exist, there are connecting options that allow you to stop in interesting cities along the way. The quickest route, via Doha, is on Qatar Airways, and it takes roughly 15 hours and 30 minutes. In addition, the longest flight is a 17-hour journey by Air India from Toronto to Bhopal via Delhi.

Best Time to Visit Bhopal

Bhopal has rich cultural diversity, notable historical sites, and breath-taking natural beauty. Thus, consider traveling during the cooler months from October to March to get the most out of your trip. After all, the nice weather makes it the ideal time to explore the city’s attractions. The top attractions that you must see are Upper Lake, Bhimbetka Caves, and the ancient Taj-ul-Masjid.

Transportation in Bhopal

In terms of transportation, Bhopal is the Indian city with the best connections. There are 225 buses that run daily as part of BRTS, which serves the town. Moreover, the city has a bus transportation system that runs both nationally and locally. Likewise, the city’s metro rail system is under construction. Additionally, there is a Wi-Fi-connected, well-equipped rail system. As a result, Bhopal’s transportation system is first-rate in every way.


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Q1. What is the typical baggage allowance for Canada to Bhopal flights?
Ans: Different airlines have different baggage policies. Typically, checked baggage weight limits on international flights range from 23 to 30 kg, while carry-on weight restrictions range from 7 to 10 kg.

Q2. Are there direct flights from Canada to Bhopal?
Ans: There are not any direct flights operating on this route at the moment. Nevertheless, connecting flights are common.

Q3. When is the ideal time to purchase Canada to Bhopal flights?
Ans: To get better prices and availability, we advise booking your flights at least two to three months in advance.

Q4. Is it possible to visit the layover city while waiting for the connecting flight?
Ans: Yes, if your layover is long enough, you can explore the layover city. However, verify the deadlines and requirements for visas.

Q5. Are there any special discounts available to frequent flyers on this route?
Ans: Many airlines offer frequent flyer programs that can provide you with discounts, upgrades, and other perks on Canada to Bhopal flights. For more details about these perks, you may contact our team.



Raja Bhoj Airport

(BHO) The primary airport serving Bhopal, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is Raja Bhoj Airport. It is stationed in the Gandhi Nagar area, which reclines 15km northwest of Bhopal city center on National Highway 12. However,

the airport is named after the 10th-century Paramara King Raja Bhoj. The airport has only one terminal for both domestic and international purposes.

Despite being a little small, the terminal is packed with all the necessary amenities. You can discover a baggage section as well as a lost and found section here.

There are many flights from Bhopal to different parts of India, such as Mumbai, Indore, Delhi, and Gwalior. The distance between the Bhopal bus stand and Raja Bhoj airport is about 13 km.

You will easily get private cabs from the bus stand, which will take around 20 minutes to reach the airport. At the airport, you will also find a pre-paid taxi booth.

Raja Bhoj Airport comes under the Bhopal Airport authority. The authority oversees all airport operations, including cargo and baggage movements.

Code Terminal Phone
BHO 1 07552646001


  • Lounges
  • Transportation
  • Hotel at the airport
  • Lost & Found Baggage
  • Fashion and Accessories
  • Perfumes
  • Bookings for hotels
  • Tours
  • Baggage Wrap
  • Telecommunication services
AirlinesNon StopOne StopMultiple StopsMin FareMin DurationAirline Review
Air IndiaYesYesNoCA$1560*33h 35m*Air India Review
LufthansaNoNoYes CA$1503*24h 50m*Lufthansa Airline Review
BritishNoYesYes CA$1983*26h 30m*British Airways Review
Delta NoYesNoCA$1267*35h 35m*Delta Airline Review