Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy – Refund Status, Rebooking & More!

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Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy - Refund Status, Rebooking & More!

One of the worse thing attached to air travel is the process of cancellation. Travelers don’t want to lose their money just because they are canceling their tickets. Every passenger may have experienced incidents like cancellations, delays, interruptions, and others.

If you are facing this problem for the first time a first-time traveler, then your condition can go little worse as you have very less idea of the best option attached to the same.

Talking about cancellations, it can be of 2 types: The one is when the cancellation is done by the airline and the other is when the passenger himself cancels their tickets. Things like when and why you cancel your tickets also matters a lot.

Here we are discussing some of the basic terms attached to the cancellation process of airlines which will give you some sort of idea and help you take effective steps in the same situation.

Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy:

As per the Cathay Pacific 24-hour cancellation policy, you need to get aware of the following stuff:

With the help of refund process of Cathay, you can cancel the reservations within 24 hours and get back the full refund. After that, you can make the booking within the 7 days or earlier before departure via the internet.

In any case, you miss your incoming flight due to any delay or mechanical problems, then you must be aware of the following rules:

  • You can easily make changes to your next flight or even rebook these without any fee.
  • You can also get a refund for your ticket if you don’t want to fly.
  • You can also re-route to your respective destination through another carrier.
  • If the waiting time is more, then the airline can also provide you hotel accommodation and the transport to and from the hotel on the discounted rates.

Cathay Pacific Cancellation Fees:

In case, you have any plan to make changes in your departure date or time on a Saver ticket; then you may need to pay a Flight Change Fee. Usually, the amount of the same depends on the departure and arrival point. You can find out this amount by entering your route.

How to Cancel The Cathay Pacific Tickets?

You may find the fee and penalties attached to the cancellation process quite high. But in the case; situations like a death of the family member or an urgent work comes suddenly, then you can surely get a discount on fares. You have to show the certificate or the solid proof to the airline then you will get the relaxation.

You can cancel the flight ticket with the help of different options. This will save you from high cancellation fee. There might not be any fee if the cancellation happens very close to the time of booking.

Cancel Flight Tickets Online:

Just by clicking on the “Manage Booking button on the airline’s website, you can make alterations to your reservation. All you need to do is to fill the ticket number and the last name on the reservation.

Then you need to select the cancel option and accept the requests of the airline. Yes, if your ticket was refundable, then follow the refund instructions also.

Cancel Flights By Phone:

If you want to do changes through a phone, then just connect to one of the customer service executives. Then, provide the six-digit ticket number and information related to your ticket. Don’t forget to ask for a refund so that the representative can further process it.

Cancel Flights To The Ticket Office:

By making a call at the travel agency, you can cancel the ticket in-person. You can easily get the refund after telling them about the cancellation policy. Do tell the officials about all the changes in your itinerary.

Denial of Boarding or Cancellation:

If the airline denies your boarding or your flight, then you are entitled for compensation. But you should also know about the following circumstances if you want to entitle for the compensation.

  • In case, the respective airline informs you about the cancellation 14 days before the actual scheduled departure time, then you can’t claim any compensation.
  • The second case is when the airline informs you 7 to 13 days before the actual scheduled time, then that airline needs to offer you an alternate flight. But in such a situation, you need to depart no more than 2 hours and arrive at your final destination less than 4 hours.
  • The last case is when the airline informs you in less than 7 days the original departure before about the cancellation, and then you will be offered another flight instead of the original one. Conditions attached to it are, you need to depart no more than 1 hour and arrive at the final destination less than 2 hours.

In case of Delayed Flights:

  • If the respective flight is delayed for 4 hours or more, then the passenger is also entitled to assistance.
  • If you know about the delay or cancellations 30 minutes before your actual departure, then the airline will notify you about your flight status. It can be done by making announcements in the boarding gate area or through the website or contact number.

How to Request Refund

If you have purchased tickets from the Cathay Pacific websites or Cathay Pacific app, you need to complete the online refund form.

On the other hand if you have purchased the tickets purchased travel agents, please contact the travel agent for a refund.

If you want redemption tickets, please contact Asia Miles .

Cathay Pacific Refund Policy:

  • You are not permitted to reuse the ticket number, once a ticket is already refunded. The airline will generate a print-out with an authorization number as soon as you submit the refund request.
  • The ticket will refund within 2 years from the ticket issued date as per the Cathay Pacific’s policy. If the application is made after 2 years, then the airline will refuse to refund.
  • You can claim for a partial refund if you only need to do alterations in the date and time of your flight booking online.
  • You can also claim for the unused values which will be refunded to the credit card.

How To Get A Refund For Canceling The Fully Partially Ticket:

In case, the transaction is made by the credit card, then it will take 7 working days.

For another form of payments like cash, bank transfer, PayPal, it will take 20 calendar days.

How To Get The Refund For Booking Changes Made Online:

In case of US travelers, the refund of the Online Booking Change transaction takes 7 working days.

For other passengers, it will take 20 calendar days.

Cathay Pacific Rebooking Policy:

According to Cathay Pacific, under the following conditions only, the rebooking is possible:

  • In case, you want to do changes in the flight or in other carriers.
  • In case, Cathay Pacific change flight date.
  • In case of extension of ticket validity.
  • In case, there are alterations in the class of a ticket.
  • In case, there are changes in the transfer point or arrival airport.

How to Do Cathay Pacific Rebooking Online?

You can only use this feature if you have the original tickets and the original ticket is the electronic ticket. You have to contact reservations office for further assistance if the change booking function is not available for your itinerary.

Rebooking Fee:

Before/After Departure:

Cathy-Pacific airline collects rebooking fee and tax difference, if applicable. Besides that rebooking fee of USD150* is applicable to Promotional Fares, Economy Save fares, Premium Economy Standard fares and Business Save fares while a rebooking fee of USD50 is applicable to Economy standard fares.

You must note that in the case of Hong Kong, Economy Supersaver is non-rebook able.

Note: If date change includes change in seasonality, there will be a fare difference from Low to High Season. No refund will be applicable for change from High to Low season.

Know more about re-booking

Facilities Provided For Delay And Cancellation:

In Case of Delayed Flights:

1If your flight is reasonably delayed for 4 hours or moreThe airline will offer you meals and refreshments

Two telephone calls, telex or fax messages or emails.


2If your flight is delayed at least the day after its original scheduled departure timeHotel accommodation

Transport between the airport and any other accommodation required.


3If the delay is at least 5 hours and not want to travel or flyIn such a case, the airline will refund your ticket at full cost.


4If the airline is able to offer you a different flight to your arrival destination under transport policies and does not exceed the arrival time by 4 hours or moreCompensation will be reduced by 50%



NOTE:Through the travel insurance, you can easily cover the missed connections and trip delays.


  • Is it possible to do changes in online bookings via a travel agent or Cathay Pacific reservations office?

At present, you can do changes in the online flight bookings only if there are electronic tickets and these are booked through Cathay Pacific website. You can also contact Cathay Pacific reservations office for assistance if the change booking function is not available for your itinerary.

  • What is the process of alterations in online bookings if I have connecting flights with other carriers?

Only if you have purchased the original Cathay Pacific tickets online, then you are allowed to make a change in flight bookings with other carrier’s connecting flights.

  • Is it possible to do changes in booking online if I have done Online Check-In?

Yes, you can make changes or cancel your online check-in at Manage Booking before you change your air travel booking online.

  • How can one make alterations in date and time to his/her flight bookings?

You can easily do that at via Manage Booking. A “Change Booking” button will be displayed under your flight booking after you verify your ticket for date and time changes through online.

  • Is it possible to make a seat request if I change my flight booking online?

Yes, changing ticket online function supports seat selection. By using Manage My Booking, passengers can choose seat request.

  • Is it possible to make a meal request if I change my flight booking online?

By using Manage Booking, you can choose meal request. Through Manage Booking – Special Meal/Services Requests, you can get more details for the same.

  • Can I make date or time changes for flight bookings for another person?

Yes, you can pay for the changes for another person. The only requirement is that the credit card payment paid for a ticket must be authenticated by “Verified by Visa” or “MasterCard®SecureCodeTM”.

  • What time is linked to the refund for booking changes made online?

It takes around seven working days for a refund of the Online Booking ticket involved in US sector. For others, it takes 20 calendar days.



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