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Last Minute Flights

Everyone is busy today and doesn’t have the time to look up flight rates on different sites and compare them. Most of us have tons of things to do but very little time to book our flight. This results in paying more for last minute flights to USA. This is a very common problem and it can be a real challenge if you don’t know how to go through it.

Flights booked spontaneously with just a few days of planning are called last minute flights. Such flights involve setting out on tour within 14 days of booking. Last-minute flight bookings are pretty standard as urgent travel demands are typical in today’s day and age. Hence, many airlines and OTAs offer last minute flight deals that are lucrative and quite the steal. We, at MintFares, strive to bring you the best last minute flights to Canada that will provide you with plush and still not burn a hole in the pocket.



If you are on the hunt for a last minute flights to USA or anywhere else, there are some tips and tricks that you can follow.

Being flexible is the key to get the best last minute flights deals. Hence, try to be accommodative with the arrival and departure points. You can also show flexibility with your departure and return dates. Flash sales, price alerts and flight comparisons are your best friends in grabbing a good deal. You can also utilize your precious air miles to book last minute flights.

Being accommodative is the best way out during last-minute flight bookings. In case you are looking for last minute flights to India, Mint Fares is your one-stop destination.

If you are planning to travel to an international destination during the holidays, you may be in for a tough time, unless you have a good travel advisor. If you think you can very easily outsmart an airline and get last minute flights to India, or other countries, at a good rate, you are wrong as it simply isn’t going to happen. Airlines are aware of the fact that the majority of the travelers are looking for last minute deals. So this means that you have to struggle to get the one.

Last Minute Flights
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For those who are planning a short holiday to India or just heading back home to your family in India, there is a very simple way to grab last minute flights to India at the best airfares. All you need to do is to get in touch with the experts.

You can save yourself from falling into a bottomless pit of internet searches to score the best last minute flights to Canada and other countries if you connect to prominent online travel agencies, like Mint Fares. Mint Fares helps you avail the best flight in the lowest possible price bracket for you by doing all the calculations quickly and offering you great discounts.

A well-kept secret known to travel agencies is that airlines usually have decided on the number of seats that they plan to offer at low rates on each flight. Those traveling for business usually book flights at the last minute and will fork out a premium for a seat.

People face a lot of confusion while deciding whether to book early in advance or to go with the last minute flight deals. Most of the travelers think that they can save more by booking their flights well in advance but it’s not always the case. Bookings just a week before can also let you save hundreds of dollars even during the peak holiday season.

The fares are usually 8% cheaper just 3 weeks before a flight’s departure date as compared to when you book the same flight months in advance – as per the new study. The only drawback of this procedure is that you may get restless nights as you wait for a drop in the airfares. The fare will fluctuate every day or maybe even every hour, depending on the route. So, keep these tips in mind when booking last minute flights to India or any other country for that matter.

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Q1. Does it make sense to wait for last-minute flight deals?

Ans: Waiting for last minute flights is always a risky proposition. While prices can drop if there are a lot of vacant seats, they could also go up if the flight is close to filling up. That’s why you would be better off booking your tickets in advance. This will of course take a lot more work from your side. That said, there are times when you can plan your trip weeks in advance. In such cases, make sure to look for last minute flight deals on MintFares. 

Q2. How do airlines profit if they have unsold tickets?

Ans: Airlines incur a loss on unsold tickets. This is the reason most airlines overbook their flights, which means they essentially sell more tickets than there are seats. This practise is quite common and the result is thousands of passengers every year being unable to fly despite having a ticket. Airlines, unfortunately, do not and cannot know how many vacant seats they will have until a short while before departure, by which time it would be too late for them to try and sell the tickets for such seats even though it might be at a heavily discounted price. That’s why last minute flights to India and other countries are so discounted. 

Q3. Can I use frequent flyer miles for last minute flights to India from USA?

Ans: When advance planning is not possible, and you have to take a last-minute flight, you can use the frequent flyer miles at your disposal and get cheap last minute flights to India. Keep in mind that some airlines tack on added fees for last-minute bookings, making them less attractive when it comes to redeeming frequent flyer miles or award tickets on a last-minute flight. 

Q4. Is booking well in advance always profitable?

Ans: Usually, the best deals on international air travel fares are found two to six months before the intended trip. However, if you are planning to travel during the peak or high season, you should start looking at the fares even earlier. As for domestic flights, it’s best to book your passage one to three months prior to your intended departure date. 

But if you intend to travel during off-peak times, you can find a decent deal even six weeks prior to your departure date. Prices start to increase steeply two to three weeks prior to the proposed date of travel. However, you may also find last minute flight deals to India and other countries, especially if the airlines have plenty of vacant seats. 

Q5. Why do flights often fill up right at the last minute?

Ans: The explanation offered by airlines is that almost all of the customers who purchase tickets at the last minute are business class travelers and surely, they can afford to pay more. In this way, the airlines can avoid offering seats at very low prices just to fill up seats. If you are looking to book a last minute flight to USA or any other country, make sure to check on MintFares for great deals. 

Q6. Is it possible to always get cheap last minute flight tickets?

Ans: There are many people looking for cheap last minute flights to Canada and other countries, but you can beat the competition by booking flights on MintFares. You can track flight prices and see the cheapest days to book your ticket. Although you are not always guaranteed to find cheap last-minute flights, booking a flight ticket through MintFares can help you to get a worthwhile bargain.

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Q7. How far in advance is it recommended to book a flight?

Ans: Although some people are of the opinion that there are certain months and days when you should book your flight tickets to save money, in reality, ticket fare deals are offered every day of the week.

Generally, the best deals for international flights can be found two to six months prior to the date of travel (you should start looking even earlier if you plan to make a trip during the peak or holiday season). For domestic travel, it would be one to three months earlier than your date of travel. Prices start to increase steeply two to three weeks prior to the intended date of travel. 

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