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Effective Methods For Saving Money On Canada to India Flights


Traveling from Canada to India can be an incredible experience, but it can be costly well! When you fly such long distances, the cost of flights can take up a big part of your travel budget Also, it’s important to know how to save money when booking a cheap flights from Canada to India on  MintFares .We’re here to help you do that

Verified Strategies for Saving Money on Canada to India Flight Reservations

The following advice can help you save money on flights from Canada to India. 

Know The Suitable Time to Book Your Flight 

Making a flight reservation at the ideal  time can cut your expenses in half . Also, this depends on several things. These include whether it’s peak or off-season, the cheapest or most expensive days to book flights, and how far in advance you need to book. We’ll explain more.

Off  Seasons 

In India, tourist activity shifts with the destination. There are busy seasons and off-seasons for different places. Prices, however, can increase by up to four times during the summer in comparison to the off season. Additionally, off-seasons are when there are not many visitors.

Furthermore, there is less of a demand, so lodging facilities and airlines are trying to attract more clients by cutting costs. 

Cheapest  Days  of  The Week 

Even in economy class, certain weeks provide the lowest flight fares to your destination, regardless of whether you choose business or first class. Therefore, know and research what these days are. 

Overall, it usually falls on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday 

How Much in Advance Should You Book Your Flight ? 

This all depends on when you decide to plan your trip. You can book your flights five to six months in advance, for instance, if you are traveling in December.   

 In months other than ones with primary holidays, you can get cheap flights from Canada to India with us when you book not more than 2 months in advance .

Compare flight prices on various booking platforms.

It is crucial to check prices on other websites before committing to a reservation. Moreover, this will give you an idea of what the fare should be and where to discover the lowest price for your chosen flight. 

Don’t  forget  to look into our website for your next overseas trip .

Online Travel Agencies 

Online travel  agencies make it simple for you to discover affordable prices, when searching for flights. Also, they provide special deals and promotions to customers, along with loyalty program points, helping them save a lot of money.

Official Airline Website 

Always remember to check the official website of your favourite airline because they often have the best deals and promotions exclusive to their site.  However, it is only shown on their website and hence most travellers miss using it.  What’s more, they even have extra free resources that fliers can make use of 

Meta Search Engine 

Meta search engine can give you an overview of what  flight prices look like. So be sure to check the lowest prices in this step before making the final reservation. As a bonus, they also provide price drop alerts!

Use Last Minute Deals and Discounts 

If you enjoy impromptu trips, keep an eye out for last-minute coupons. When you book cheap flights from Canada to India, these offers and discounts also come in quite handy.


Traveling from Canada to India can be a memorable experience, but it is important to manage costs effectively. However, by following these techniques, such as making reservations during off and identifying the low- cost days to fly, we can significantly reduce flight expenses. 

Additionally, comparing prices across different platforms ensures discovering low-cost deals . Thus, anyone can make their trip affordable with careful planning and the use of available resources. For more details on this, visit our website.