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Everything You Need to Know About Southwest Airlines


Southwest Airlines is one of the most famous and popular airlines in the USA. It’s rather more typically referred to as Southwest. As a matter of fact, we have seen thousands of people traveling to India from the USA. It’s equally important to know that Southwest airlines carry major flight operations to India. Moreover, Southwest Airlines is the largest low carrier airline in the world. There are a lot of things that we can talk about regarding the airline. From its operations to fleet, services, awards and fees etc. everything is worth knowing. Therefore, we will talk a bit more in detail about the airline. We hope it will give you a fair idea about the airline and help you whenever you wish to fly with them.

Southwest Airlines

It is one of the largest low carrier airlines in the world. Apart from that, it’s a major US airline and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Talking about the number of employees, there are around 46,000 people working for the airline. Moreover, there are around 34, 00 flight operations per day worldwide. The airline was also in news recently about being the largest operator of Boeing 737 all over the world. Southwest Airlines was established on 15th, March 1967. It was Air Southwest Co and Herb Kelleher merging together to become one of the major airlines in USA.

However, the airline began its operations only in the Texas region. On March 29th, 1971 the name was changed from Air Southwest Co to Southwest Airline Co. Fortune lists the airline at the 3rd spot amongst America’s top ten most admirable corporations. Later on the airlines chose Amadeus IT Group in order to replace its domestic reservation system. Consequently, a new branding with a logo was introduced in September 2014. Currently, Southwest Airlines has flight operations to more than 121 destinations in 11 countries. You will see thousands of people who fly to India preferring the Southwest Airlines.

The Fleet

In general, the airline has approximately 647 aircrafts in its fleet. Not to mention, the average age of these aircrafts is around 11.5 years. The airline is the world’s largest operator of Boeing 737 as well. Southwest’s livery primarily was desert gold, red and orange. Additionally, it had pinstripes of white which separated each section of color. However, on September 8, 2014 a new livery was showcased with a darker blue shade. Yellow replaced the orange tail stripe and the aircraft now has a blue belly. Apart from that, it features the heart which has been its symbol from the past 143 years.

Appreciation and Awards

The airline has lots of awards and recognition to its name! To point out, after its establishment in 1967, its growth over the years has been quite impressive. No involuntary furloughs and no layoffs till now are the most compelling evidence for this. Besides that, it has won a few awards for international as well as domestic operations. To name a few, it won the Diamond award for outstanding services along with other multiple awards. After that it won the Domestic carrier of the year award in 2013. Southwest Airlines has also been awarded by the Air Transport World Magazine in 2012. In other words, it was named as Eco-Pioneer of the Year by them.


Southwest Airlines passengers can check in directly at the counter as well as an online check-in option. Moreover, the online check-in option is available 24*7 prior to the departure of flight. At the same time, passengers can collect their boarding passes from the skycap podium, self-service kiosks or ticket counter. Similarly, for airport check-in, it’s advisable for passengers to arrive 2 hours prior to departure. The counter closes in just around 60 minutes before the departure time for international passengers.

Baggage and Allowances

The maximum free baggage weight the airline allows is 50 pounds. Likewise, the maximum stipulated baggage size is 62 inches including the length, height and width. All the overweight or oversize checked baggage will require an additional fee of $75 per item. It’s equally important to realize that they restrict the hand baggage size to 10, 16 and 24 inches. Booking USA to India flight tickets with them is one of the best ways to save big on your flights.


Southwest airlines provide excellent comfort seats for passengers in international and domestic flights. Moreover, passengers have the option to choose any seat of their choice. The Boeing 737-800 aircrafts has 175 seats which is 38 seats more than their former aircrafts. Apart from that, these aircrafts include the Boeing Sky interior as well as ETOPS capability.

Booking Fees

The airline is well known for providing cheap flights to India from USA. When passengers book flights with Southwest, they are liable to pay some charges and fees. That is to say, it will include the fare as well as bag fees. However, the passengers do not have to pay any additional charges. There may be instances where it might be necessary to pay the difference in fare. That’s in case you opt to modify your booking. Furthermore, passengers can cancel their flights in a hassle free manner. After all, there are no extra charges for cancellations by the airline. The only thing that will demand extra charges or fees would include an upgrade or extra luggage.


Southwest Airlines is an airline which has remarkably efficient operations as well as low-cost pricing. Furthermore, they strategically provide an excellent customer experience. Definitely this is because they have great dedicated employees at their end. They are also popular because they do not charge any kind of irrelevant additional fees. Moreover, with their flexible ticketing policy a pleasant flight experience is a guarantee. If you want to find the best Southwest airlines flight deals you have come to the right place. We provide exclusive offers for our customers traveling from USA or Canada to India.

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