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Seven Pieces of Advice About Plane Ride with Kids


One of the many milestones that await you is your first plane ride with kids, which has to be the most exciting. From watching the planes in the waiting area to looking out at the clouds from your seats, it’s all so much fun. However, for us as parents, it can be worrying. What should you do if the pressure changes hurt your child’s ear? What if they cry and the people around you get irritable? What if you don’t have the right book, toy, or snack to calm them down?

Here are some travel hacks that will help, along with some delicious snacks 

Seven Guidelines for Your Kids First Plane Ride Are As Follows 

Book An Early Flight

There are many benefits of taking an early flight. Also, your kids might be less tired and more patient with the process. Early flights are usually less crowded and more likely to take off on time.

Establish Your Expectations for the Entire Process 

Our kids tend to enjoy experiences more when they know what to expect. However, kids might be more patient if they understand each step of the plane journey, such as checking in and going through security, boarding, and getting snacks.

Get Them Ready for Everything

Between the waiting area and the airplane, the temperature can change a lot, so wearing layers is a great idea. Furthermore, comfort is important when you have to sit for a long time.

Oftentimes, it’s easier when you have fewer clothes to unbutton or untie during a quick diaper change or restroom break. This will make your first-time flying experience with kids easier.

Be Prepared for Variations in Air Pressure

Many kids struggle with air pressure changes during take-off and landing, especially if they have an earache or cold. Additionally, yawning and swallowing can ease discomfort from airplane ears. Chewing gums or eating fruit snacks can help them swallow more often.  Drinking water can also help. You can buy water or fill the bottle ahead of boarding. If you are behind schedule, you can ask for a bottle or two from the cabin attendant. Providing a bottle or anything else can help them adjust to air pressure changes during take-off and landing.

Pack Enjoyable Activities 

Keeping kids distracted is very important. Also, packing your child’s backpack with enjoyable activities will make time pass quickly. Consider including a mix of things, such as toys, boxes, and games. Additionally, colouring is great during plane riding with children. 

Take it Cheesy with Tasty Snacks 

Everything gets disturbed when kids get hungry.  The good news is that the most healthy snacks meet TSA rules for carry-on food. This means you can keep your children happy with all their favourite snacks, such as granola bars.

Divide the Tasks and Snacks to Prevent Crying

Keeping kids happy and busy during the flight can prevent a tantrum. When kids are hungry, they get cranky, so make sure to give them snacks and drinks regularly during the flight.

Don’t show all the activities at once; -keep one as a surprise. This could be anything from a wrapped toy to some pre-cut paper and a glue stick. Think about making a paper chain or a seasonal animal like a butterfly, turkey, or their favourite bunny. If your child cries, try not to worry about bothering the travellers nearby – most parents understand and people are usually kind and sympathetic.


Flying with kids for the first time can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. From navigating airport procedures to managing air pressure changes, preparation is important. Therefore, establish clear expectations with your child, pack comforting layers, and be ready with snacks and activities to keep them engaged.

Always remember that early flights can be less hectic and maintaining a positive attitude helps everyone on board. Follow the above-mentioned tips to make your child’s first ride smoother and more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Keep checking out our website, Mintfares, for more such valuable updates.