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The Complete Guide to Organizing Your First Trip to India: Costs & Popular Itineraries


With its immense size and rich diversity, India can often present travellers with a daunting array of choices when planning a trip. Numerous travellers find themselves uncertain about where to begin their research or which destinations to prioritize.  Explore India with an in-depth beginner’s guide, covering trip planning essentials, my top five recommended routes, and comprehensive insights into nationwide expenses.

Planning Your First Trip to India 

When planning your first trip to India, the first question that often comes to mind is: “Where should we go?” India is a large country with a diverse climate and culture. It can be daunting to even open your India travel guidebook. Where to begin is the actual question.

If you are thinking about visiting India, there are two things we advise visitors to consider. 

Travelers’ favourite routes on popular itinerary

Themes of travel: private objectives and hobbies .

Popular India Routes and Itineraries 

When organizing your trip to India, ,map out a route that is convenient for efficient travel.

Traveling between cities in India can vary greatly, with distances ranging from just a couple of hours to a full day’s journey. Nevertheless, it can be deceiving to glance at a map and assume that you can travel from Delhi to Udaipur. Some travellers mistakenly assume that traveling between cities in India is quick, leading them to plan ambitious itineraries that include a city per day. 

Travel time is something that a novice in India will overlook. Therefore, it is best to start by mapping travel routes in a dot line or approaching India by region rather than jumping around in locations.

6 Routes That Travelers Take in India 

The Golden Triangle 

Popular Cities ,Delhi ,Agra ,Jaipur 

The Golden Triangle in India features iconic jewels like the Taj Mahal and Jaipur, famous for their Rajput palaces and culture.

Starting and ending your journey in Delhi, India’s capital, is the optimal choice, boasting historical sites, lively markets, temples, and superb shopping experiences.

The Desert and Raj Royalty of Rajasthan 

Rajasthan’s tourist route, famed for its Mughal history, Rajput legacy, Maharajas’ era, and desert landscape, ranks as the second most popular. Also, on your first trip to India, keep an eye out for the many camels, elephants, and brightly coloured sarees that this region has to offer.

Find Your Inner Hippie in Goa 

Travelers often take the popular route from Mumbai to Goa, which is known for its beaches and vibrant party scene.   Heading south, you’ll traverse Karnataka, encountering quaint rural towns like Hampi, famed for its UNESCO ruins, and Gokarna, renowned for its scenic beaches. Moreover ,this region is a little hotter, and at times it felt more arid.

Chill Out in South India ; Explore Kerela’s  Beaches and Rivers 

 Save on USA to India flights and pay this beautiful Kerala region a visit. Additionally, there are many universities here and well-kept streets, both of which indicate that this area of India is wealthier than other states. 

Choose between a three-hour public boat tour of the backwaters, where you can see fishermen laying nets, and a houseboat tour in Alleppey. If you are spiritual, Amma, aka “the hugging saint,” resides in the most well-known ashram in the south.

Experience diverse ethnic cultures in East India

In north-eastern India, particularly in West Bengal and beyond, the landscape and temples undergo a distinctive transformation as you ascend to Darjeeling and Sikkim. Here, you’ll encounter a blend of Tibetan Buddhism along with delectable momos. So book your flights from the USA to India to see this incredible scenery.

Popular Indian Festivals for Travelers

You might be keen on learning more about Indian festivals, which are carried out in a grand style with vivid colours and lavish festivities. Many people are unaware that certain cities observe particular festivals more extensively than others.

In addition, Varanasi, the City of Light, rejoices over Diwali, and Kolkata is renowned for its lavish Durga Puja festivities. Artists from Kolkata bring the Durga Puja celebration to life with their skill, and this results in tours that feature beautifully adorned Durga pandals.


Planning your first trip to India  can be exciting and overwhelming. As a starting point, take well-known routes like the Golden Triangle or discover Rajasthan’s dynamic culture. Additionally, if you enjoy parties and beaches, visit Goa.

While South India offers serene backwaters and spiritual retreats in Kerala,. With these realizations, you are prepared to set out on an amazing adventure. And keep checking back to our website, MintFares, for more updates of this kind.