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Ways to Get Cheap Business Class Flights to India from the USA


Everyone desires to make air travel easy and luxurious. Getting business class tickets is not an easy task. Talking about Cheap  business class flights to India from the USA, we are providing the ways of getting tickets on reasonable rates.

1) Deals on Business Class:


Cheap Business Class Flights

International airlines offer regular deals on business class seats to fill the empty seats. As the prices of tickets fluctuate regularly thus one should know when to book the flight at a low price. Wait for the good deals on business or first class airfares sales on selected destinations. For these deals keep checking for the deals through:

  • Business class deal alert websites
  • Airline websites by following them on social media and emails
  • Comparison of deals by doing a dummy booking
  • Air travel forums

2)  Ask a Consolidator:


Cheap Business Class Flights

To cut down some amount of fare get a quotation from a business class consolidator. Sometimes they may have access to unpublished ticket discount. Thus they can provide you tickets lesser than the market price. It would be beneficial of using consolidator around 1 to 2 months before travel.  Things to take care of are to:

  • Pay through credit card. It gives you insurance if something goes wrong.
  • Get the confirmation of ticket from an airline.
  • Check ticket restrictions.

3) Cheap Airfare Country Site:


Cheap Business Class Flights

Business class ticket rates depend on the departure country. You can get excellent deals on airfares by starting the trip from cheap airfare countries. Change your routes by checking the cheap city of a particular country and start your journey from there. Thus monitor for deals offers on local sites of each airline of a country. For example, if you are looking for cheap Business Class Flights to India from the USA then rather than going from busiest airport chose the cheap one in the local area.

A country having a significant drop in local currency might have cheaper fares. So these can be a good choice to buy air tickets. Even traveling on weekdays rather than weekends and avoid surcharges on business class.

4) Splitting of Tickets:


Split your journey and buy separate tickets. Make sure you choose a cheap country as a splitting point. It will reduce the business class fare for you. Moreover, if you take plenty of days for connection then it will be better and even you can enjoy at the splitting point until the next journey starts.

5) Buy Non-Refundable Tickets:


If you are an airline traveler then you must know that refundable tickets are costly than non- refundable tickets. So try to make your plan of journey sure or accordingly and buy a non-refundable ticket.

6)  Obscure Airlines:


Lesser known or obscure airlines provide low-cost air tickets because they need to introduce themselves in the market. That’s why these airlines make good deals and offer to their passengers to make them fly through these airlines.

These were some points to get cheap ticket fare. For Business Class Flights to India from the USA, you can use all the above strategies. Don’t compromise your comfort if you can get it in your budget.



1.> How do I find cheap business class flights?


  • Find cheap business class flights by being flexible
  • Book business class seats on low-cost carriers
  • Bid for an upgrade in online auctions
  • Upgrade for free with frequent flyer loyalty programs
  • Wait for airlines to put business class airfares on sale
  • Travel alone
  • Dress nicely and be polite

2.> How do you get free business class flights?


  • Ask the ticket counter agent
  • Book with a travel agent
  • Check in early
  • Volunteer to get “bumped” from an overbooked flight
  • Ask a flight attendant for an upgrade if you see a seat available
  • Become a member of your airline’s frequent flyer program
  • Avoid flying from your carrier’s main hub if it is a large airport

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