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Fly in Business Class for Less by Using These Tricks


Business class travel, with its seats that can lie flat and better food service, is the height of luxury and comfort in commercial air travel. Although when you fly in business class, the cost can be very high, smart travellers have found many ways to get cheaper upgrades to business class.

 Innovative Strategies to Fly in Business Class 

Here are few  cost-effective ways to get to the front of the aircraft, including repositioning flights and identifying mistake fares.


  • Bidding on an upgrade

There are more than 50 airlines that provide bidding programs, such as Virgin Atlantic, Lufthanas, Air Canada, and Fiji Airways.  However, those with economy tickets may bid on discounted business class international flights . Bidding airlines usually work with plus grade, a third-party travel technology company. 

Travelers are able to go to the airline’s biding page with their confirmation number and make a bid.

Airlines typically set a minimum bid of $300 as the floor for bidding. You have to give at least this much in order to take part. Your credit card info will be requested when you place a bid.

 It’s important to note that bids have to be made separately of for each leg, it’s not for the round-trip ticket.

2. Use credit card points and miles

Free flights are the only option superior to inexpensive ones. Poor people can easily fly in the front of the plane by redeeming points and miles,” says travel expert Katy Nastro.

Spending points on business class flights might not require as many points as you think. Often, the threshold is lower than expected.  For instance, going’s flight experts found a business class ticket to Spain for just 54,000 points total, including tax, as opposed to the usual 150,000 points. The cash payment for that same flight was well over $3,000.  Kyle Potter, executive editor at Thrifty Traveller, said, “Business class seats can cost five or six times more than economy, but miles excel.”

Some recent great deals Potter noted include:

Flying iberia with discount business class tickets from Boston, New York and Washington,  DC

or just 34,000 miles each way from Chicago to Madrid. 

Use 35,000 miles through Avianca Life-Miles for a one-way TAP Air Portugal business class flight from JFK to Lisbon.

ANA, a Japanese airline, provides business class tickets to Japan for as little as 75,000 miles round-trip.

Get upgraded through airline status

Angel Trinh , the founder of Pennywise Traveller, ,offers guidance on optimizing points and miles usage through her blog . In addition, she, initially received a business class upgrade from Miami to the Bahamas due to her American Airlines Platinum Pro status.

The more elite your airline status, the greater your chances for an upgrade if seats are available. This could occur if someone misses their flight or if remaining business class seats are released,” Trinh explains to AFAR .

Enroll in the airline’s loyalty program to begin working towards status. Also, gain miles or points to achieve and maintain your goal status level. 

 Every time you travel with the airline (or its partner airlines), you gain  points toward loyalty programs.

Every time you travel with the airline (or its partner airlines), you get  points toward loyalty programs. Miles are typically given out according to your fare class and the distance you travel (higher fare classes usually earn more miles)

Try business class-lite

While not as lavish as some airlines’ business class cubicles, these seats still provide a comfortable travel experience. 

 Additionally, Potter advises looking at less expensive airlines like Icelandair Saga Class and Norse Atlantic Premium.

Potter noted that Icelandair Saga Class isn’t business class, but offers wider seats and more legroom, akin to domestic first class . Additionally, Norse Atlantic Premium seats offer ample recline and space for travellers at a bargain.

Condor, a budget airline from Germany, has transatlantic business-class tickets for about $2,000 round-trip, and they recline completely flat.

Enroll in a flight deal monitoring program.

Going, previously known as Scott’s Cheap Flights, sends emails with affordable flight deals for both domestic  and international destinations as they become available.

 However, it  offers three membership tiers, with the elite tier being the best for travellers aiming for better flight seats.

Nastro spoke of top business deals like Boston to the Netherlands for $1,999 and Los Angeles to Tokyo for $1,809 round trip in recent months. 

This option suits people who prefer not to spend countless hours searching but still want to seize great deals from their local airport.


However, fly in  business class doesn’t have to break the bank. By bidding for upgrades, using credit card points, achieving airline status, or choosing business class-lite options, travellers can access premium seating affordably. Furthermore, signing up for flight deal monitoring services such as Going can assist in finding cheap tickets. 

Regardless of the reason, looking into those methods can make luxury travel possible, allowing more individuals to experience premium comfort and convenience. 

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