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Best Airlines Offering A Business Class Chauffeur Service


How will you feel after seeing a BMW or limousine’s chauffer welcoming you to drop for your next destination? Amazing for sure! So if you are heading for businesses meet in a business class flight be ready to enjoy this dreamy service. Some airlines understand the value of your precious time. You will get a chauffeur immediately after and before your flight. This will make your journey in Business Class Chauffeur Service stress free. So book a business class flight  and enjoy the luxurious journey to your destination even before and after the flight.

5 Business Class Flights Are Following:




Business Class Chauffeur Service

Emirates airlines have a big name in the airline industry. In addition to that, they provide chauffeur services to the business class and first-class passengers. You can easily book your chauffeur drive 12 hours before your scheduled flight. After landing you can easily check in with your driver at the chauffer drive desk.

But if you are traveling in business class by any kind of upgrade from economy class then sorry! You won’t be able to enjoy this service provided by emirates. In any case, if you experience any kind of problem with the chauffeur you are free to call Emirates office directly.



Business Class Chauffeur Service

Start your after landing journey with a luxury car with Qantas. A driver will be waiting for you to drop you for your next destination. You will reach your home, hotel or office comfortably without making a hassle to find a taxi or cab. There is good news for the business class and first-class passengers of flights between Australia and London they will get complimentary transfer.

Besides that first or business passengers connecting from Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch to an eligible Qantas international flight between 6 to 24 hours are eligible for complimentary Chauffeur Drive transfers.

Terms and conditions applied

Lufthansa Airways:-


Business Class Chauffeur Service

Taking about chauffeur services and didn’t mention Lufthansa? Unfair! If you are eligible for this Limousine Service then all you have to do is to set the pickup time. You will see a Limousine waiting for you to pick up you for the airport. It doesn’t end here; you will get this luxurious drop-off even after your flight also.

You can book this service 60 minutes before your flight. Furthermore, if you wish to cancel or alter this you are free to do that as well. Lufthansa airways will be providing you the most premium cars from the best manufacturers (i.e. Audi, BMW, and Mercedes). Alongside you will also get fine leather upholstery and air conditioning, some magazines and still water to make your trip as pleasant as possible.

British Airways:-


British Airways


If you are flying through British Airways then also you will get free Chauffeur service but this service is offered only to the business class and first-class customers. Besides that free Chauffeur Drive service is available for departing and arriving BMI passengers  who have booked under a BMI flight code prior to services migrating to British Airways from Aberdeen, Belfast City, Dublin, Edinburgh, London Heathrow and Manchester, to and from the following remaining BMI routes with a BMI flight code and number: Almaty,

Amritsar*, Baku, Beirut (BD996/997 only), Bishkek, Cairo, Dammam,

Freetown*, Jeddah, Khartoum*, Moscow, Riyadh, Tbilisi*, Tehran*,

Yerevan (*car available to and from UK/Republic of Ireland points only).

You should also know that when you are leaving for the airport before the flight if you are not at the pick-up point for 15 minutes then your pick-up service will be cancelled. It will be assumed that you do not need transportation.

Similarly after the arrival of your flight up to 45 minutes if you are not at the pick-up point your service will be cancelled. It will be assumed that you no longer require the transportation to drop you off to your final destination.

Note: Customers who are eligible for this service can be accompanied by up to two companions or family members and a total of three bags only.

Etihad Airways:-


Business Class Chauffeur Service

Etihad Airways are another best name in the airline industry. You can easily request a driver online up to 12 hours before your flight but only if you have booked business class or first class.

You can book this service either online-offline through travel agents. But booking online is always preferred as it is the easiest way to access any service because it saves your time and money as well.

It’s not that if you get 10-15 minutes late you will lose the service your driver will still wait for you up to 20 minutes.

It is very important to know that chauffeur service cannot be re-booked in conjunction with the same ticket if a customer fails to cancel a booked chauffeur service resulting in a cancellation.

Note: If the passenger is not flying to or from Abu Dhabi International Airport then they will not be eligible for this service but they can still arrange an airport transfer with Etihad quickly and easily at great rates all over the world.