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How New Flights to America and Canada Are Opening Up Opportunities


Delhi has up to an account high of 86 weekly departing non stop flights each way planned between USA and Canada. However, this includes two United routes from Chicago, O’ Hare, the world’s second busiest airport and San Francisco, that are map out but still not bookable. Therefore, they will moreover be held up if they ever begin to resume new flights to America. Of course it means the count of bookable flights is lower.


Delhi, US and Canada Non-Stop Flights

The network is same as follows as it remains United’s only operational Delhi service from Newark, its biggest long haul center and an essential Star Alliance airport. However, United’s double daily USA to India service will now be turn down to daily on March 29th, just before the airline switches to summer schedules like others in the Northern Hemisphere.


More than 50% Of Airlines Still Fly Indirectly

As strong as the 80+ weekly flights, around 63 in 100 Delhi, North America passengers fly through a hub En route. However, this is now fully figure up on surveying booking data from 12 months to October 2023. Therefore, these five famous transit hubs were Dubai, London, Heathrow, New York, Doha JFK itself.

Automatically, most non-stop markets witness 40- 50% of passengers fly indirectly. However, the specific reason differs per passenger, it is usually because of lower prices, more choices, different schedules, better quality product, FFP trustiness or otherwise. Therefore, two well-known exceptions are Newark to Montreal.


Top Unserved Point to Point Markets

If only a point to point request inspect (i.e. between two particular airports), and top 5 unnoticed Delhi markets were Los Angeles, Seattle, Calgary, Edmonton, as well as Dallas fort worth. However, non stop flights to Canada are seen more, as Indian students, medical staff is traveling a lot in recent years.


Los Angeles had over 95000 P2P Delhi travelers in a year to October, down resisting 2019

However, when all of India’s traffic increased to 305,000 plus, it is of course beyond doubt a huge market. Therefore, will Air India continue non stop flight to US, via star hubs or will it return.

As could be bank on, a return is probably to be mull over. US DOT T-100 data shows that Air India last served the California airport in 2008, taking off from Delhi via Frankfurt principally using the 747-400.



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