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Fly to the Sacred City: Air India Express Launches Flights to Ayodhya


As per the latest reports, Air India Express launches flights to Ayodhya for passenger convenience. However, this route is set to start operations every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. An important tourist spot in Uttar Pradesh now has wonderful connectivity to major cities, which include Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Delhi.

In fact, as Air India Express launches flights to Ayodhya, the expanded network benefits pilgrims eager to see the grand Ram Mandir, demonstrating the unity of faith and simplicity of the journey. After all, with this journey, Air India Express ensures that Ayodhya is within reach by air from all parts of India, encouraging both spiritual and economic growth.

Uttar Pradesh Will Transform into An Aviation Hub

Uttar Pradesh will expand into an aviation hub, with 16 airports set to be operational in 2024 and plans to go 19 by 2025. However, this development not only provides improved connections but also brings commercial growth and the possibility of tourism. Therefore, now you don’t need to worry about how to reach Ayodhya by air.

Air India Express’s latest Ayodhya, Bangalore, and Kolkata route is much more than just a comfort. Moreover, it shows a devotion to reducing regional disparities, improving availability, and developing economic and tourism growth.

On the other hand, planning a holiday at Ayodhya Ram Mandir is now more convenient than ever. So, book your MintFares tickets to make your trip both enjoyable and comfortable. Your holy and relaxing adventure is just a click away.

Air India Express Flights

Air India Express is highly known for its quick domestic and international flights, connecting so many cities, including Lucknow and Varanasi, to destinations such as Bengaluru, Dubai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Sharjah and Mumbai. However, the quick evolution in Ayodhya shows the airline’s commitment to growth and the client’s satisfaction. Therefore, Air India Express also offers a student discount on flights, both domestic and international.

Air India Express launches flights to Ayodhya from Bengaluru and Kolkata, marking India’s growing connectivity. Furthermore, tourists can observe the ideal fusion of India’s rich history and flourishing future. Thus, the airline connects UP to both domestic and international destinations. Likewise, it made history as the first colonizer airline to commence Varanasi- Sharjah flights, marking the first international connection for Varanasi. With a weekly timetable of 21 flights, the airline connects the holy city to Bengaluru and Sharjah. Not to mention, Air India Express operates 60 weekly flights from Lucknow, connecting the capital city of Uttar Pradesh to Dubai and prime Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Bengaluru.


Here, we have brought you all the latest information about Air India Express’s new flights to Ayodhya. However, we don’t want you to drop a ball on anything, so we have made our finest efforts to provide you with all the particulars. With Air India Express, you can easily carry out your Ayodhya trip without any trouble. And for any query regarding airline tickets to India, contact us on our toll-free number. At the same time, our team of salaried associates is always available to serve you. So, without further delay, contact us now and book your flight tickets.