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The Comprehensive Guide On How To Reach Ayodhya By Flight


Are you prepared to commence your New Year with the divine blessings of Lord Rama? Well, get set to make the spiritual trip to Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama, from the bustling heart of India, Delhi. Thus, if you are looking for an answer to how to reach Ayodhya by flight, please consider contacting us. Besides that, our experts are ready to provide you with the cheapest deals on flight tickets. Your spiritual journey is about to get easier and more exciting than ever before.

However, as the Ram Mandir inauguration gets closer in January 2024, Ayodhya will be full of cultural and spiritual festivities. After all, our website is the best website to book last minute flights to Ayodhya today because of our extraordinary promotions and discounts so start your New Year with the blessings of Lord Rama.


The First Flight Arrives At Ayodhya Airport On December 30

Ayodhya is now the sixth domestic destination and the 118th overall destination in the 6E network, due to Indigo’s significant addition of flights to the city’s extensive network. On December 30, 2023, the inaugural Ayodhya flight will take off from the soon-to-be-opened Maharishi Valmiki International Airport, Ayodhya Dham (AYJ), in Ayodhya, marking a watershed moment in the city’s aviation industry.


Direct Flights Between Ayodhya and Delhi: Starting from January 6, 2024

For those seeking the spiritual and cultural experiences that Ayodhya has to offer, the good news does not end there. On January 6, 2024, direct commercial flights between Ayodhya and Delhi will start. Today, pilgrims and tourists can easily connect with the spirituality and rich history of Ayodhya from the heart of the capital city of India.


Connecting Ayodhya To Ahmedabad From January 11th, 2024

But the journey does not finish in Delhi. Beginning on January 11, 2024, there will be a smooth connection between Ayodhya and Ahmedabad as well. Moreover, the Ram Mandir will likely open in January 2024, so this route expansion is a sign of how popular Ayodhya is becoming as a travel destination. After all, a link between the two vibrant cultural cities of Ayodhya and Ahmedabad has come about with the introduction of flights for pilgrims and tourists.


Lucknow To Ayodhya Ram Mandir

Our goal is to provide you with guidance on how to reach Ayodhya by flight from Lucknow Air Terminal through Samastipur to Ayodhya, where one can wash in the divine nature inside Ram Mandir. In fact, the abundance of historical tales and the Nawabi way of life blossom as soon as you step foot in Lucknow, and excitement for the trip to Ayodhya Ram Mandir grows.

However, the Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport in Lucknow is approximately 140km away. Therefore, book your cheap flights to Ayodhya and witness the rich and glorious past of the city. Not to mention, you have a variety of options for getting to Ayodhya from the airport. At the Lucknow airport, taxis are available for a direct ride to Ayodhya. The drive takes between three and four hours, depending on traffic conditions. On the other hand, many hotels and travel agencies offer private transfers from the airport to Ayodhya, ensuring a hassle-free and comfortable journey.


Varanasi To Ayodhya Ram Mandir

How to reach Ayodhya by air? Well, another viable option for reaching Ayodhya by air is to fly to Varanasi Airport and then travel to Ayodhya. Ayodhya is roughly 220 kilometers from Varanasi. Additionally, there is an excellent train service between Varanasi Junction and Ayodhya. Several trains service this route, making for an easy and beautiful ride. At the Varanasi Airport, taxis and cabs are easily accessible for a direct road trip to Ayodhya.


About Ayodhya Airport

In the ancient city of Ayodhya, there is a noteworthy aviation project called Ayodhya International. Furthermore, the airport aims to boost the local economy, promote tourism, and enhance connectivity. Hence, the city will become more visible when it becomes simpler for visitors.

Ayodhya Airport, also known as Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram Airport (AYJ), is a major airport serving the cities of Ayodhya and Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh, India. By acting as a gateway for pilgrims and guests, it improves accessibility to Ayodhya. Major Indian cities can easily reach this spiritual and historical destination by air. In short, Ayodhya Airport not only provides for the religious needs of millions of people, but it also fosters local economic development and tourism.

The closest airport to Ayodhya is Faizabad Airport, which is about 8 kilometers away and regular flights from Delhi arrive in Faizabad on time. Well, flights are the ideal form of transportation if you do not want to spend a lot of time on your journey. Now that you are aware of how to reach Ayodhya, book your flight tickets online with us to avail yourself of the cheapest and most budget-friendly deals online.

On December 30, 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially opened Ayodhya Airport. Likewise, the airport will soon begin regular flight operations. There is currently only one Indigo flight from Delhi to the airport, which can accommodate 180 passengers at a time. Following the receipt of passenger traffic data by airport authorities, additional airlines will begin operations soon.


About Ayodhya

In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the city of Ayodhya lies on the banks of the Sarayu River. In addition, it serves as the administrative center for the Uttar Pradesh, India, district and division of Ayodhya. Similarly, the Ayodhya Municipal Corporation is in charge of managing the city.

Because of its reputation as the birthplace of Lord Rama, Ayodhya draws tourists from all around the world. But the city’s attractions go far beyond its religious significance. Ayodhya never lets you down when it comes to cuisine. You can sample delectable vegetarian fare like “litti chokha,” a fragrant blend of mashed vegetables and roasted wheat balls. Additionally, remember to sample some sweet treats that will satiate your sweet tooth, such as “malpua” and “peda.”

The magnificent Ram Janmabhoomi Temple is a must-see. It is not only a beautiful architectural structure but also a place of worship. At the same time, there are boating options and a serene setting for a long walk along the nearby Saryu River. Ayodhya is a great place to witness the rich Indian clothing tradition. The vibrant dhotis and sarees worn by the locals showcase the culture of the city.


Explore The Best Place To Visit In Ayodhya

Your journey to Ayodhya is not just about divine blessings but also an opportunity to explore this historic city’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage. After your search ends for how to reach Shri Ram Mandir, don’t miss out on these incredible places to visit in Ayodhya.

1. Hanuman Garhi Mandir: The Abode of Lord Hanuman

The greatest site to visit in Ayodhya is Hanuman Garhi, also called Siddhipeeth Shri Hanuman Garhi, a Hindu temple built in the tenth century and devoted to Lord Hanuman. Situated in the center of Ayodhya, this temple represents reverence and devotion. In fact, it is one of the city’s most important temples, alongside Nageshwar Nath and the Ram Mandir, which is currently under construction.

You will have to climb 76 steps to get to the temple, which is one of the most well-known temple complexes in North India, honoring Lord Hanuman. Preceding the Ram temple with a visit to Hanuman Garhi is a distinctive custom in Ayodhya. An idol of Hanuman sitting on his mother Anjani’s lap is visible inside the temple, lending a charming sense of devotion to your visit.

2. Kanak Bhawan Temple: The Gift of Sita Devi

When you get the answer to your question about how to reach Ayodhya, you must visit Kanak Bhawan Temple, which stands as a testament to the love and devotion between Lord Rama and Devi Sita. There is a belief that Kaikeyi granted Devi Sita this magnificent bhawan right away, following her union with Lord Ram. After all, this temple used to be Devi Sita and Lord Rama’s private palace. The great King Vikramaditya added to its grandeur by lavishly renovating it.

Exploring the architectural beauty of Kanak Bhawan is only one aspect of visiting; another is delving into the romance between Lord Rama and Sita Devi. One of Ayodhya’s must-see locations, the walls of this temple recite stories of their unbreakable bond. For the best deals, book your flights to Ayodhya as soon as you can, and do not forget to explore and witness this incredible city.

3. Shri Maniram Das Chavni: A Place of Spiritual Resonance

You can sense the spiritual resonance of Ayodhya at Sri Maniram Das Chavani. It is home to the esteemed Valmiki Bhawan and lies on Mani Ram Das Ji Ki Chavani Road. In fact, the name of the road itself directs one to Sri Maniram Das Chavani, a significant temple.

There are temples inside this spiritual paradise honoring Lord Sri Ram and his spouse, Sita, among other deities. Among the Chavani, the Ram Darbar temple is a particularly fascinating gem. Above all, devotees and outsiders alike go there to find comfort and establish a spiritual connection with Lord Rama.


Things To Do In Ayodhya

Ayodhya is well-known for its temples and other places of worship, but it also has a lot of exciting activities. Now that you know how to arrive Ayodhya by air, plan your trip accordingly. The following are some of the best things you can do:

  • Attend the Ram Katha Park cultural performance.
  • Go to the Raja Mandir.
  • See the well-known Mani Parbat and discover more about its mythology and history.
  • Savor a stroll around the Moti Mahal and take in its breathtaking views.
  • Seek the blessings of the gods by visiting the various temples located in the ghat.
  • Explore the streets and markets of the city.
  • Savor the cuisine of the area and sample as many varieties as you can.


Information Regarding USA to India Flight

Are you organizing a spiritual pilgrimage from the United States to Ayodhya? The best airline to India from USA include United Airlines, Emirates, Air India, and Qatar Airways. With their extensive network and direct flights, these airlines offer a convenient and comfortable journey, ensuring a seamless travel experience to explore the cultural richness and historical significance of Ayodhya.

Moreover, when visiting Ayodhya Ram Mandir from USA, travelers have a question in their mind how much gold is allowed from USA to India? The short answer is that, under certain circumstances, Indian customs permit duty-free imports of up to 1 kg of gold per passenger. Before starting your trip, ensure that you check for any changes or updates to these rules.



Therefore, now is the ideal moment to start planning your trip, whether you are a pilgrim looking for blessings or a tourist keen to learn about Ayodhya’s fascinating past and above we have already discussed How To Reach Ayodhya. Additionally, MintFares proves to be an invaluable resource with its user-friendly interface, competitive pricing, and comprehensive flight options.

Not to mention, we simplify your booking process for buying India cheap tickets from USA. However, we provide all the necessary information to you and stand out as a reliable platform for those embarking on a pilgrimage to Ayodhya, ensuring a smooth and well-informed travel experience.



Q1. Does Ayodhya have an airport?
Ans: Yes, the primary airport serving Ayodhya is Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram Airport (AYJ).

Q2. How far is the Lucknow airport from Ayodhya?
Ans: Ayodhya is about 140 kilometers away from Lucknow Airport. On the other hand, the journey by road takes around 3-4 hours.

Q3. Are there taxi services that accept prepayment at Ayodhya Junction and other nearby airports?
Ans: Yes, Ayodhya Junction and neighboring airports offer prepaid taxi services that guarantee passengers’ fairness in terms of fares.

Q4. When is the ideal time to go to the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya?
Ans: Winter (October to March) is the ideal time to visit Ayodhya and Ram Mandir because of the pleasant weather.

Q5. Does Ram Mandir in Ayodhya have entry restrictions?
Ans: It is advisable to inquire about any special conditions before knowing How To Reach Ayodhya, that may apply to entry to Ram Mandir Ayodhya, particularly during religious festivals or other noteworthy occasions.