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Best Economy Class Airlines from USA to India


India is a major tourist attraction for travelers from the United States of America, and the vice-versa is also a fact. If you are looking to book cheap flights to India from USA, here’s all you need to know. 

Best Airlines to fly with for Economy Class passengers

Five of the best airlines with excellent Economy Class amenities are listed below, along with the various benefits each of them offers:


Etihad is the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates and is an excellent choice for air travel to India, given that it offers very comfortable flight services. Considerably cheap flights from India to USA are typically available to destinations such as Kozhikode, Jaipur and Kolkata. Etihad operates several direct flights between USA and India, on routes like New York to New Delhi, Washington DC to Mumbai, Chicago to Chennai and Dallas to Mumbai, all with very attractive deals.

Etihad offers a variety of seats to choose from such as Economy Neighbor-Free and Economy Space.

  • There is more than adequate legroom between the seat rows.
  • Great in-flight entertainment comes as part of the package.
  • Complimentary drinks and food are served
  • Seats are provided with adjustable back supports and headrests.
  • A three-room suite is made available if you choose the ‘Residence’ fare-type.


United Airlines offers the affordable USA to India international flights. Among the leading airlines of the world, United commands the largest network, being the major American air carrier. Chicago’s O’Hare airport is the largest of the eight hubs in America in terms of operations of United Airlines. The airline flies daily direct from Newark to New Delhi and Mumbai.

  • On United Airlines flights, you are allowed one piece of luggage up to a weight of 23 kgs to be checked in free.
  • Some of the shortest duration flights between USA and India are operated by United Airlines, with an average travel time of approximately 14 hours.
  • You can make changes to your travel itinerary within 24 hours of departure at no extra cost.
  • United Airlines is known for its excellent service in the Asia-Pacific region, notably with its state-of-art inflight entertainment.
  • The only areas of concern, in comparison with some of the other airlines operating on this route, are average seating quality and choice of meals, for vegetarians and vegans.


This award-winning airline is famous for its top service quality and discounts on flight tickets. The airline flies to over 150 international destinations, making it the ‘go-to’ choice of the multitude of international passengers. There are many routes one can take between USA and India on Qatar Airways such as New York to Amritsar and Boston to New Delhi. You also have flights from Atlanta to Chennai, Philadelphia to Mumbai and Washington DC to Kolkata.

  • On Qatar Airways flights, you will be spoiled for choice with over 4,000 entertainment options, between movies, games, audio and more.
  • Spacious and extra comfortable seats are offered to passengers. 
  • It is quite an experience while flying with the whole family. The Oryx Kids Club caters very well to children with movies, games and entertainment. Kids also receive a delicious and nutrient-rich lunchbox.
  • Wi-Fi is available on Qatar Airways’ aircrafts like A380, B787 and A319. Internet access is also available on A320, A321, A330, A350 and B777.
  • The widest seats in the aviation industry are available on these flights. If you are looking to book a USA to India international flight, you can’t go wrong witth Qatar Airways. 


Emirates is the largest air carrier of the Middle East. The carrier offers a delightful experience to passengers, and the best part is that it has an awesome worldwide presence with connections to hundreds of international destinations. You can experience some of the best amenities that Emirates has to offer when you travel from USA to India. Emirates operates flights from Boston to New Delhi, New York to Mumbai and Washington D.C. to Hyderabad, these routes being amongst the most popular between the USA and India. Apart from this, the airline also operates flights from Orlando to Bengaluru, Chicago to Cochin, Houston to Kolkata and Los Angeles to Chennai. In addition to discounts on flight tickets, here’s what you can expect to get when flying with Emirates. 

  • Superlative entertainment facilities onboard Emirates makes it a special airline.
  • Emirates is loaded with luxury, with onboard lounge, shower spa, chauffeur services, Wi-Fi and inflight entertainment being among the best in the industry.
  • Seat upgrades from economy to A380 business class can be availed.
  • Free Wi-Fi and in-seat power facilities. Aside from the internet, if you wish to get connected to your loved ones while flying, you can make phone calls onboard.
  • You can experience 3D screens for pleasurable viewing in the Emirates Boeing 777 aircraft.
  • Free baggage allowance of up to two bags per passenger is allowed.


Air India is perhaps the best and most preferred airline as far as air travel between the USA and India are concerned. It is the largest international air carrier in India. Air India operates several nonstop and direct flights from the USA to India, such as nonstop flights from San Francisco, Chicago or New York to New Delhi. It also operates Newark to Mumbai flights. 

  • Good inflight entertainment including movies, music, news, games and more.
  • Complimentary drinks and food for all fare classes.
  • Perfect temperature control and illumination.
  • Access to lounge (only for Executive Class travelers).
  • Extra comfortable seating and spacious legroom.
  • Full flat reclining seats (180 degree) in the First Class.

Best time to book tickets from USA to India

If you want to find discounts on flight tickets and have a budget-friendly air journey, you should start planning a few months before departure. 

  • Avoid booking during or just before the holiday season, as tickets will be priced very high due to increased demand. But if you want to travel during holiday time, pre-book your flight at least 3 months prior to your departure. If you are not quite certain about dates, book refundable tickets, which can be cancelled with a minimum charge in case of a change in your plans. 
  • Never book flights at the last moment (unless it is an emergency) because last-minute flights are bound to be very expensive, unless you get lucky. 
  • Since airlines change fares every day and every hour, you should set alerts on your smartphone so you will get notified whenever there is a change in the ticket prices.
  • The actual day of your flight can affect the ticket price greatly. Travel on weekends is expensive. Tuesdays and Wednesdays (if there are no overlapping holidays on these days) tend to be the least expensive in terms of ticket pricing.
  • Flights at night time are cheaper than those during day time. Take advantage of this and fly odd hours to bag cheaper tickets.

Tips to book affordable flight tickets from USA to India

  • The dates of your travel must always be flexible as you have a greater chance of bagging a low-priced flight to India.
  • Travel from the USA to India during the offseason as this is the least expensive time to fly down to the country.
  • Airfares are the lowest if you book your tickets well in advance (at least 60 days before the departure date).
  • Keep airport options open, as this will ensure you have more choices when looking for cheap USA to India international flights. 
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