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Top Spectacular Destinations for Ringing in the New Year In India


A wonderful way to revitalize the New Year is to travel to amazing destinations. Besides that, India has become home to some of the most beautiful places in the world. You can, however, select from a surplus of destinations and plan the perfect New Year in India. So, here we present a list of some destinations to explore in the New Year. Moreover, these beautiful places surely make for perfect destinations. Furthermore, ending the past year with a thump and starting a New Year with positive energy with loved ones has made it even more terrific with a wide range of choices.


Places to Explore New Year in India

If you ever wonder about the places to celebrate New Year’s Day 2024 in India, then think no longer, as here are some places that make your journey exciting. Whether you are planning a New Year’s party with friends, family, or your significant other, these best places will help you quickly decide where to go. So, check out the below list and choose the best places according to your preferences.

1. Goa: India’s Very Own Las Vegas

The things that attract youngsters to get wobbled at the New Year celebration in Goa include cheap beer, exotic beachside stays, live music and night long parties. However, New Year’s parties appear to be distinct from regular parties, with firecrackers lighting up the coastline. While going out on the town till dawn became the main attraction in Goa. Not to mention that young crowd goes wild, dancing to the tunes of jazzy songs at the sandy beaches all night long. For all these reasons, Goa is one of the Best Places To Visit in India on New Year 2024.

Why to go: beaches, seafood, and inexpensive alcohol are all you need.

Things to do: Try local seafood and explore beaches

Events: Arjuna Beach for intimate parties, Kamaki Bar for Greek-style parties, Poolside party at Sinq in Candolim Beach, Grand Hyatt at Panjim, Tito’s Club at Cavelossim Beach.

Where to stay: Grand Hyatt Goa, Goa Marriott Resort, and Citadel De Goa.

2. Bangalore: The IT Hub that Works Hard and Parties Harder

With its open spaces, lush green and large garden, huge mall and party places, Bangalore has become a magnet for celebrating the New Year in India. Moreover, a moderate climate keeps people making New Year plans to this city. Likewise, you can have supper in some of the finest restaurants in Bangalore. In addition, one can clearly witness the passion among the youth at this time of the year. Meanwhile, with the most rocking crowd and live DJs, you can see young people tapping their feet without apprehension.

Why to go: Amazing crowd and the best DJs

Things to do: Relax at Ulsoor Lake, Shop, Visit the ISKCON Temple.

Events: New Year bash at Leela Kempinski, Rooftop Restaurant and Sports Bar, Party at F-Bar and Kitchen, The Lisa Party at Sutra- The Lalit Ashok.

Where to Stay: Pride Hotel, Clarks Exotica Resort.

3. Mumbai: The City Never Sleeps as it Parties All Night

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, became one of the best cities to celebrate the New Year in India. In fact, Mumbaikars follow the mantras of not sleeping and dancing all night. On the other hand, they enjoy ringing in the New Year with fervor and enthusiasm. Despite house parties or the beach, you will enjoy every sip of brew when you see the city lit up with light and crackers. Moreover, the hotels and lounges in the entire city also get everything ready for parties. While one might catch a glimpse of the movie industry’s biggest stars. After all, Marine Drive is one of the best places to sit with friends and sip on your drinks on the eve.

Why to go: Late night parties and celebrity performances.

Things to do: Shop, Visit the Gateway of India, Relax at Girgaon Chowpatty

Events: New Year’s celebrations at Lotus Cafe-JW Marriott, New Year’s party at stax-Hyatt Regency, Amnesia at Liv, Visa on arrival at Canvas Lounge, and the VVIP experience at the lounge

Where to stay: The Taj Mahal Palace, The Oberoi

4. Delhi: Father of Best Places to Celebrate New Year In India

Generally, Delhi becomes one of the party freaks and one of the best places to celebrate New Year in India. From drinks to songs, lights and dance, Delhi has so much to offer. In addition to some of the most exclusive and expensive parties, one can enjoy a private lounge or elegant nightclubs in Delhi. Meanwhile, the celebrity-owned clubs in the capital observe people dancing to the tunes of the songs played by the best DJs in the country.

Why to go: Celebrity Performances and Electrifying parties

Things to do: Shop, Visit Taj Mahal, Red Fort, and Qutub Minar.

Events: New Year’s Eve at 7 degrees Brauhaus, Revelry at Golf Bar-ITC Maurya, Underdoggs Sports Bar and Grill, 3-Day Festival at Shiro-Hotel Samrat, Pub Nirvaan, and Over the Top Restaurants and Bar

Where to Stay: The Leela Palace, Radisson Blu Hotel Paschim Vihar

5. Kolkata: Welcome the New Year With Open Arms

Kolkata, one of India’s most beautiful cities, draws the largest crowds from all over the country and has become the ideal place to celebrate the New Year in India. In fact, people of all ages are here to celebrate the New Year with the utmost passion and dedication. Meanwhile, the nightclubs in the city get all erotic on New Year’s Eve, and you will not want to stop tapping your feet the entire night. As a result, shed all your native clothes and celebrate like never before in Kolkata, as it’s among the best places to celebrate the New Year.

Why to Go: Happening crowd and amazing parties

Things to do: Shop and try local foods in Kolkata.

Events: New Year’s celebrations at Orchid Garden, Party at the Sonnet, New Year’s celebration at Tantra, New Year’s at Shimmer’s Lounge, New Year’s Eve at the Underground.

Where to stay: Radisson Blu Hotel, The Peerless Inn Kolkata.

6. Pondicherry: Celebrate the New Year in French Style

The beach-side parties became the major attraction of the Pondicherry at the New Year’s Eve, making it one of the best places to celebrate the New Year. In addition, you can enjoy fireworks and born-fire at the beach, as well as a New Year’s Eve street party in this place. Furthermore, an exciting performance on the street makes it one to watch. After all, youngsters start preparing for the New Year so that they can live it completely. So, fly to Pondicherry from any destination using our cheap international air fares and save even more on your bookings.

Why to Go: Beaches and late night parties

Things to do: Shop, fun at the Auro beach.

Events: Atithi New Year Party, Anandha Inn New Year Party, Xtasy at Aroma Gardens Auroville, Seagulls Beach, Soiree

Where to stay: Anandha Inn convention center and suites, Ocean Spray.


New Year Celebrations in Different Regions of India

India is a distinct land with a diverse population and different ways of celebrating the New Year in different regions of India. In fact, New Year Festivities at Different Regions of India reflect the rich culture of the country, with celebrations held under various names such as Ugadi, Gudi Padwa, Vishu, Puthandu, etc. Some states, however, follow the Lunar Calendar to celebrate the New Year. Thus, let’s go through the unique and vibrant traditions of New Year celebrations across India.

1. Ugadi: Telugu New Year

In the months of March and April (Chitra), Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh celebrate the Ugadi festival. Essentially, the festival date follows the Hindu Calendar to represent the beginning of the age. In addition, the date secures the festivities, where people buy new clothes and have good food. So, you must book your Flight tickets to India from USA to celebrate the Telugu New Year.

2. Gudi Padwa: Marathi New Year

Celebrated on the first day of Chaitra month, Gudi Padwa is a New Year day for Maharashtrians and Konkanis. Originating from the Sanskrit word pratipada, which denotes the first day of a lunar fortnight, comes the word padava. In fact, this is an auspicious day that marks the New Year, the arrival of spring, and the harvesting of Rabi crops. Not to mention, Gudhi is a Sanskrit word that means “flag.” After all, on this day, every Maharashtrian’s house has a stick decorated with a bright cloth, neem leaves, and garlands, hence the name Gudi Padwa.

3. Puthandu: Tamil New Year

The traditional Tamil New Year begins on the first day of the Tamil month Chithirai, which falls in mid-April on the 13th or 14th. Moreover, people wish each other Puthandu Vazthukal, which signifies a happy new year in Tamil. Furthermore, people make special food in this festival, including Mangai Pachadi, which is especially made of raw mangoes, neem flowers and jaggery.

4. Baisakhi: Punjabi New Year

Sikhs lavishly and magnificently celebrate the harvest festival of Baisakhi. Meanwhile, marking the beginning of the New Year on April 13th or sometimes April 14th, the festival brings together people from all religions. In addition, Baisakhi also abides by the formation of the Sikh Khalsa. Aside from that, you can see major celebrations at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, as well as in USA, Canada, and in the U.K. Hence, book Flights tickets from Canada to India with us and celebrate Baisakhi with great zeal.

5. Pohela Boishakh: Bengali New Year

In the middle of April, people celebrate the Bengali New Year, or Nabo Barsh, with great enthusiasm. Additionally, the day brings in endless festivities along with several cultural programs, shopping and prayers. After all, the tribal people located in the hilly region of Tripura and also in cities in other countries basically celebrate Pohela Boishakh.

6. Bestu Varas: Gujarati New Year

Bestu Varas, a Gujarati New Year, marks the beginning of the harvest season in Gujarat and is therefore observed with great ardor. In addition, the festival falls on the day after Diwali, along with religious rituals and traditions. Moreover, Marwaris of Rajasthan observe Diwali as a New Year and as the most spiritual day to start a new beginning.

7. Vishu: Malayalam New Year

People throughout India celebrate Vishu, the Malayalam New Year, but it is most notably observed on April 14 of the Gregorian Calendar. At the same time, Vishu became one of the most popular traditional festivals followed by the people of Kerala.

8. Bohag Bihu: Assamese New Year

Bohag Bihu, celebrated in the middle of April, marks the beginning of an Assamese New Year in India. Moreover, the festival, celebrated with great passion, belief and trust, became one of the most significant festivals in Assam.

9. Hijri: Islamic New Year

The Islamic New Year begins on the first day of Muharram, as the Islamic calendar does not coincide with the Gregorian calendar. Therefore, the date of the Islamic New Year or Muharram, varies as it follows the lunar calendar. As a result, Islam celebrates the New Year with ancient customs and traditions for incoming springs.

10. Losoong: Sikkimese New Year

The Losoong, celebrated in December, became one of the most significant and ancient festivals in Sikkim. Meanwhile, the festival marks the end of the harvesting season and the beginning of the New Year for the people of Sikkim.

11. Navreh: Kashmiri New Year

People observe the New Year in Kashmir as holy because Shivratri falls on the first day of Chaitra Navratri. Similarly, people celebrate Gudi Padwa, Ugadi, and other religious holidays with zeal and reverence.

12. Pana Sankranti: Oriya New Year

Pana Sankranti is the traditional New Year festival for the people of Odisha. Despite celebrating the festival with great zeal, people visit Hanuman Temple and take a bath in the holy river at the major pilgrimage center. Moreover, on this day, the community takes part in the mela, enjoys dance, sees acrobatic performances, and much more.

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India has so many super exciting places to celebrate the New Year in India and welcome the New Year in style and bid farewell to the worries of the past. Furthermore, the best New Year’s destinations in India promise the most exciting holiday experience of your life. Therefore, whether you plan a party till the drop, engage in dauntless adventure, or simply relax in the midst of flawless nature, the above mentioned best places in India offer it all. Although the entire world celebrates the New Year on January 1st according to Christian tradition, Indians also observe this special day according to the Hindu Lunar calendar, Panchang. Finally, keep checking MintFares to learn about new destinations in India and to stay up to date on the latest flight deals and offers.