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Flying With Ease: The Best Airlines For Disabled Passengers


If you have any kind of physical disability, choosing the right airline for you can prove to be a difficult task at hand. After all, air travel can present challenges for the persons having mobility issues. You may feel the need for physical support as best airlines for disabled passengers, proper legroom and a spacious personal area on a flight.

In fact, traveling by air sometimes can even be detrimental or dangerous for disabled passengers. So, we can say that, it won’t be at all surprising to see that you may experience hurdles during every step of your journey.

For this reason and to circumvent this untoward situation, it is essential to travel with an airline that provides you with the right assistance and supports you on your journey. In order to find a feasible solution for this problem, we are going to discuss about some best airlines for disabled passengers.


6 Best Airlines For Disabled Passengers are Following :


Here is the list of 6 top airlines for disabled people:

1. Air Canada:


Air Canada airplane taking off.
ready to connect you to your next adventure.

Air Canada is among the most famous airlines in the world that provides special services for travelers with disabilities. Especially, for the wheelchair users they are renowned for their exemplary services. Although they do require a notice of 48 hours, but offer proper assistance with check-in, advancing to ticket counter, boarding and security clearances.

While you are on the flight, flight attendants ensure your personal safety, store-luggage and help travelers access in flight-entertainment services. Moreover, the airline’s aircraft’s are credited with a large available bathroom.

It is located in the economy class to accommodate travelers with disabilities. When disabled travelers reach their destination, the staff helps them through border clearance and to reclaim checked in baggage.

They also transport mobility and medical devices. The airline advises travelers to contact the Medical Help Desk at least 48 hours before their departure. They contain small mobility equipment like walking canes, crutches, braces and walkers that can be put in the cabin free of charge if they fit.

Therefore, it goes without saying that you can consider it as one of the best airlines for disabled passengers or wheelchair users.

2.Delta Airlines:

Delta Airlines jet taxiing on a runway.

If you’re flying with a disability, this airline can make your experience as pleasant as possible with its team of best flight attendants and gate agents. One of the benefits of traveling with Delta airlines is that if there are any disabled people, they can request assistance easily by going to My Trip’s page or call them for help.

Delta’s team is ready to answer any query travelers may have about the flight and are open to discuss about their needs. Flight attendants help with retrieving personal items from the carry-on, using the onboard wheelchair, and opening packages as well. Apart from this, most of their planes have on board wheelchairs, and movable aisle armrests.

People who are traveling with disabilities can go to the lavatory or easily board or deboard the plane. Confirmed emotional support animals or service animals are also allowed on board.

However, it’s imperative for them to fit in the floor space that is below your lap and seat. A number of people say that they got on board first before the other passengers and received enough assistance.

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3.Emirates Airlines:

Emirates Airlines Airbus A380 flying above a city skyline.

When it comes to hearing and visioning about people with disabilities and less mobility, this airline takes their job seriously. However, blind travelers can count on and be assisted by fellow passengers so that they can land from the aircraft without experiencing problems.

Similarly, the people on the wheelchairs are also treated in the same way. Emirates also provides wheelchairs at all the locations and for on-board passengers to facilitate travelers with disabilities. If you want to receive the best help possible, the people who are handicapped have to specify what they want and require at the time of booking.

It’s equally important to keep in mind that you must notify them at least 48 hours before the departure.

A number of people prefer Emirates because they transport manual and power wheelchairs. They also provide assistive devices as per individual requirements. But, in case if they have batteries, they have to meet certain criteria. Moreover, a number of their planes have movable armrests and aisle chairs to make wheelchairs accessible.

Talking about the service animals, if your pet is trained, then they can travel in the cabin. Otherwise, all other service animals fly as manifested cargo. Emirate’s Complaint Resolution Officials are also experts on disability regulations and they can help with genuine solutions for any inquiries and complaints.

The overall customer experience with Emirates is a good one, and they complement the staff for this. In other words, we can say that this esteemed flight carrier is undoubtedly one of the best airlines for disabled passengers.


Qantas Airways logo on the tail fin of an aircraft at an airport gate

Another name that makes it to the list is the Qantas. This is also one of the best airlines for disabled travelers. They provide a number of services for disabled persons to ensure maximum comfort during the entire flight.

However, you must keep in mind that this airline has to know beforehand that a person requires some special assistance. Therefore, sounding them at least 48 hours before the departure is a wise thing to do. Just like above -mentioned airlines, they also have wheelchairs assistance available with them.

They can help anyone with physical or mental disabilities check in their baggage or reach the departure gate. To point out, if you are traveling from Canada to India, booking your flight with them is a good option.

In-flight travelers can request for staff help to stow their baggage and access the restrooms. Planes with a wide-body allow passengers a privilege to at least one wheelchair accessible toilet.

However, in aircrafts with a narrow body do not provide this facility for passengers with disability. It is no wonder that Qantas makes it to the list of the best airlines for disabled travelers. After all, it provides assistance to these special people from the departure gate to the arrival gate.

5.Virgin Atlantic:

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787 Dreamliner taking off at sunset.

It is another one of the best airlines for disabled passengers with a good track record of providing amazing mobility and the best medical help to their passengers. However, in a similar fashion to other airlines, you have to give at least 48 hours’ notice to them.

They offer adaptable seats and restroom access to travelers with disabilities. Most of their aircraft have moveable seats with armrest to help you deal with mobility issues. Apart from that, the toilets are accessible with the help of an on-board wheelchair. The cabin crew cooperates well and helps a traveler to and from the toilet door.

In fact, all such passengers need to do is request meet and assist services and the airline staff will take care of the rest. It is indeed one of the best airlines for disabled passengers. You must however, discuss with the special assistance team when you are planning to travel with your mobility aid.

They make it certain to provide medical assistance and support to passengers with disabilities. A full stock supply of medical kits both at the airports and on planes is another essential facility they offer to their passengers.


A JetBlue Airbus A320 taxiing on the runway


This airline leaves no stone unturned towards making your air travel experience hassle free. The first thing they offer to their disabled passenger is a much needed wheelchair at the airport.

In like manner, pre-boarding and accessible seating, assistive devices for people with disabilities are also available with them. You therefore need to board as early as possible to allow JetBlue to plan for your unique travel requirements.

At the time of boarding, travelers with disabilities are first allowed to board and stow their helping devices before the general boarding. So, if you are looking for an airline that puts the needs of their travelers with disabilities at the forefront, then JetBlue is another perfect pick.

Travelers with their own assistive devices need to inform customer service well in advance. Consequently, the airline provides the best way to handle and load their wheelchair or mobility assistance while avoiding any damage at the same time.



We hope that after going through this article, you have got some good insight about which airline is best for handicapped travelers. So, the next time you plan to fly internationally and find yourself at your wits end deciphering the best airlines in this regard, be mindful of these aforementioned names. We guarantee you that they will not disappoint you and you shall certainly have a wholesome flight experience.

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1. Do all international airlines offer assistance for disabled passengers?


Ans – Most international airlines provide wheelchair assistance, accessible seating, and boarding help to passengers with disabilities. The availability and quality differ, though. You must get in touch with the airline 48 hours before your flight to make sure your needs are met and all the necessary preparations are made.

2. Are there any additional fees for disabled passengers requiring special assistance?


Ans – Airlines typically do not charge extra for giving passengers with disabilities special assistance. Wheelchair help, accessible seating, and boarding assistance are examples of free services. It is best to check specific policies with the airlines beforehand, though.

3. How can I ensure a smooth travel experience as a disabled passenger?


Ans – As a disabled passenger, you can guarantee a seamless travel experience by providing 48 hours’ notice to the airline, getting the required medical documentation ready, allowing extra time for security and check-in, and letting the airline staff know what you need.

4. Do I need to provide any regulations or documentation as a disabled passenger?


Ans – Yes, to get special help, you might need to present medical records or proof of your disability. To guarantee a seamless and accommodating travel experience, it is imperative to verify the airline’s specific requirements and inform them ahead of time.

5. Can seats be assigned to differently-abled passengers?


Ans – Yes, travelers with disabilities may be assigned seats according to their individual needs. To guarantee a comfortable travel experience, airlines usually provide accessible seating options and accommodate passengers with disabilities.