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You should Know 10 Essential Tips for Traveling to India


India is a very busy, sometimes confusing, and overwhelming country. It will take some time for you to get used to the fast-paced energy of this bewildering place and to figure out how to know Tips for Traveling to India .

India is among the most rewarding destinations to visit, despite not being the easiest. It provides some incredible views that don’t exist anywhere else on the globe. 


It also has mouthwatering cuisine, breath taking scenery, friendly and charming citizens, and a rich cultural history that is exciting to discover. So, this blog post from MintFares provides tips for traveling to India that you should be aware of.  

Important Tips for Traveling to India

Here are ten things to know before you go to India so that you can get the most out of your trip.


  • Avoid Trying to Cover Too Much Territory: 

One of the important safe travel tips for traveling in India is to limit the number of stops on your itinerary and add more time at each destination. Overloading your schedule can lead to sensory overload and fatigue, especially in bustling Indian cities. To avoid burnout, allow time for rest and recovery in your plans. 


By focusing on fewer destinations, you can explore them more thoroughly and enjoy a more relaxed and enriching experience. This approach also offers more chances to connect with locals and engage in meaningful experiences.


  • Prepare Yourself for a Cultural Shock:

You will likely experience culture shock when you get to India. Avoid refusing it. Rather, be ready and acknowledge that things will not stay exactly as they are used to. Be open-minded and let go of assumptions. 

  • Bring Travelers Diarrhea Tablets:

Unfamiliar bacteria in the food and water cause “Delhi Belly” in many visitors to India. It is a good idea to pack medication, such as loperamide, which acts by slowing interstitial movement, in case you have travel-induced diarrhea. 


Waiting until you are sick will prevent you from needing to find a pharmacy or from being far from a restroom. See a doctor if your stomach problems persist for more than three or four days; you may need antibiotics. 


  • Go Beyond the Cities:

One of the most important tips for traveling to India is that its major cities, like Delhi and Mumbai, are fascinating, but it is also worthwhile to explore the country’s smaller towns. You will see Indian culture in a new light; the air is cleaner, and life moves more slowly there. 


  • Cover Yourself and Wear Formal Clothing:

It is not appropriate to wear a miniskirt or a low-cut top in India, despite the heat. India is a conservative country, so wearing anything too visible will attract unwanted attention. 


This kind of attire is disrespectful at places of worship like temples. Wear shoulder-covering shirts and light-colored long pants instead, and wear a shawl or sarong to hide your cleavage.


  • Remove your Shoes When you Enter the Temple:

Many temples will request that you remove your shoes before you enter. Therefore, wearing shoes that are easy to put on and take off, like sandals, is a smart idea. 

You can either give the attendant a few rupees to watch your shoes or keep them in your backpack.

  • Get a SIM Card and eSIM for Your Travel:

It is easier to travel in India if you use your phone. You can look up the India Travel Guide on MintFares. When you get there, your first task should be to get a SIM card with data. 

Since it can be difficult to find local SIM cards, you might want to buy an international SIM card. Like TravelSim, which is compatible with many nations and has priced data plans. 

Thus, to hurry the process, get an eSIM for India. It is quick to install, does not need to take out your existing SIM, and makes switching providers simple. Apps like WhatsApp can be used to make phone calls. 

  • Watch Out for Religious Scams:

You may encounter pressure to buy a sacred offering or make a donation at many mosques and temples. A holy man might, for instance, bind a string around your wrist or place a red dot on your forehead before requesting money. 


 Although many guests feel compelled to give money out of a desire to avoid being impolite, you are under no duty to do so. If the cost seems excessive for a local, it is probably just an attempt to take advantage of tourists. 


  • Keep Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer:

Taking these with you is a smart idea because you will not always find them in public restrooms. 


  • Very Carefully Count Your Change:

This advice is applicable practically everywhere in the world. Make sure to thoroughly count and verify your change whenever you are making a purchase or paying for something. People frequently “make mistakes” and give you the incorrect amount of change back. 



It is a fact that traveling in India will be far more difficult than traveling abroad. You must look at tips for traveling to India and be ready for the possibility that you will occasionally feel overburdened and worn out. 


Nonetheless, visiting India is a truly worthwhile experience. You will encounter some truly remarkable people, take in some breathtaking scenery, and learn about an interesting ancient culture. 


Go ahead and start planning your trip; you will be happy you did! MintFares keeps you informed of all updates in India.