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All You Need To Know About These Religious Destinations In India

India is known for its popular temples and religious places that attract thousands of tourists every year. Many international travelers reach India with the only reason for visiting the religious place to spend some peaceful moments. This year prepare yourself…

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February, 20, 2020 By : Admin

A New Commercial Aircraft Speed Record: British Airways Flight Crosses Atlantic In Less Than 5 hours

For the first time in years, a commercial passenger plane has flown across the Atlantic in less than five hours. A British Airways flight landed early Sunday morning at Heathrow Airport in London after leaving John F. Kennedy International Airport…

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February, 13, 2020 By : Admin

These Are The 5 Best Airline Rewards Programs For 2020

The most advantageous thing for a frequent flyer is the Reward program by the airlines. Whenever you fly there are some miles that you earn after each journey if you have joined the airline’s loyalty program. These miles can be…

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February, 12, 2020 By : Admin

Top 10 Destinations to Spend Wonderful Summer Vacation in India

10 Best Places to Visit In Summer: Here’s a handpicked list of places to visit in India in coming summer. Have a look at these places before planning a holiday in India and add them to your bucket list for…

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January, 16, 2020 By : Admin

Let’s move India for Republic Day Celebration 2021

After being independent on 15th August 1947 the constitution was enforced on January 26, 1950. Every year this day is celebrated as Republic Day.   Let’s make this Republic Day special by witnessing it at most celebrated places. So, book flights…

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January, 11, 2020 By : Admin


Planning vacation to India? The holidays in India are always magical and winters make it exceptional where you can enjoy the winter time to its fullest. Many travelers come here to have the best experience by Indulging in skiing, beach…

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January, 4, 2020 By : Admin

These Are The World’s Safest Airlines, According To

An airline safety and product rating website, has once again created a list, based on metrics including industry and government audits, crash and serious incident records, fleet age, safety initiatives and profitability. Top 20 safest airlines 2020 are always at the…

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January, 3, 2020 By : Admin