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Indian Marvels: 10 Wonderful Places to Visit in India


Have you ever wanted to travel abroad while staying in India without having to shell out a fortune for international tour packages? But there are so many places to visit in India 

That resembles international places . India is famous for its exotic venues and top tourist destinations. Here’s your chance to visit ten locations in India that resemble popular tourist destinations abroad. Let us pack our bags and head to these amazing locations in India: the ten locations that appear entirely foreign. 


Plan India tour packages to one of your favorite ideal locations and discover some incredible things nearby to explore the foreign-like cities in India.

10  Marvelous  Foreign Places to   Visit in  India 


You can find out which locations are essential to see on your vacation packages in the section below.


Khajjiar ( Mini Switzerland) 

Switzerland is your dream destination to visit from India. Khajjiar is the answer to your dream vacation in  India. Himachal Pradesh is home to Khajjiar, known as the “mini Switzerland of the land. Come here in the winter to experience the same climate as Switzerland. As you stroll through the snow and take pictures, you can enjoy the snow line surrounding you.


Lakshadweep ( French Polynesia) 

Although it appears to be in French Polynesia, it is actually in India. If  you have ever thought of visiting French Polynesia, then the chance is here to visit French Polynesia without spending much . Lakshadweep feels and looks the same as  French Polynesia. Plan a fantastic trip.

By purchasing India tour packages, you can travel to India with your friends and family and experience the spirit of French Polynesia.


Gulmarg ( Switzerland of  India ) 

Another name for it is the Switzerland of India. To get a taste of Switzerland in India on a budget, visit Gulmarg, which is located in Jammu and Kashmir .  Additionally, winter is the ideal time to visit Kashmir if you are planning a trip to Gulmarg. Also, during this time of year, snowfall begins, creating breathtaking mountain resorts that look even more stunning against the chilly surroundings.  The flower meadow is a well-known destination in Gulmarg where visitors can experience a foreign atmosphere in India.


Srinagar ( Floating Market in Bangkok) 

Aim to travel to Bangkok, but be mindful of your finances. Because Srinagar resembles Bangkok’s floating market, you can visit the area on a tight budget. Therefore, Srinagar tour packages do not have to break the bank to give you the same experience in India. Dal Lake, which offers a Shikara ride on the water, is well-known for its gorgeous setting. Srinagar offers a plethora of activities organized around its floating market. If you plan to visit Bangkok, then book Srinagar tour packages and explore the Bangkok vibes in India .


Munnar ( Cameron Highlands, Malaysia) 

If you enjoy being near green spaces and have travel plans to Malaysia, but money is tight,.  You can, however, get the same vibes from the Cameron Highlands in India by visiting Munnar. Trekking is more pleasurable in beautiful, tranquil settings. This is a cheap way to visit Malaysia in India without giving Malaysian tour packages any thought. Munnar is known as one of the top 10 places to visit  in  India from the USA. 


Shillong ( Scotland of  the East ) 

Arrive in Shillong and experience the lush greenery and stunning views that evoke feelings of Scotland. Another name for Shillong is Scotland of the East. Driving down the road, you can see lush, vast grasslands, rivers, and undulating meadows that create mesmerizing valleys.

The ideal time to visit Shillong, if you intend to go, is in the summer, which is from June to August. The weather is perfect for visitors to explore the area and experience the vibe of Scotland.

Malana ( Little Greece) 

It is one of the best places to visit in  India to experience the vibes of Greece in India . 

Additionally, the city is also known as the Little Greece of India  because it has ancient sources in its blood . It is located in India’s  Himachal Pradesh, in the Kullu Valleys . To visit India and experience the same emotions as Greece. Do visit this place in the summers and make memories in your dream place without spending much . Nonetheless, visitors also come here during the winter to enjoy the snowfall .


Pondicherry ( French Town, France) 

One of your ideal destinations in India is France. Nonetheless, you can visit Pondicherry to experience a French-like atmosphere. Another name for Pondicherry is “Paris of the East.” Thus, you can travel to and experience your ideal location in India on a tight budget. The best time to visit Pondicherry is during the winter, which runs from October to March, to see more of the area. Destinations such as Pondicherry, India, are well-known to travelers worldwide for their scenic beauty and pleasant weather.


Alleppey (  Water Venice ) 

It is known as the Venice of the east  as well as the Venice of water. The watery surroundings around the city feel like Venice. Alleppey is situated in India’s Kerela State. In addition, the backwaters ride is among Alleppey’s top activities because it has an Indian version of Venice.

Winter is a great time to visit Alleppey because it is when you can experience the true essence of Venice.


Andaman and Nicobar Island ( Ko Phi Phi) 

Another name for this island is the Ko Phi Phi Islands of India. Furthermore, you can travel to Thailand in the Andaman Islands with your loved ones and friends without having to pay for a visa. The Andaman Islands offer fantastic scuba diving spots in breath taking blue and green waters, eliminating the need to travel to Thailand for a comparable experience. Thus, you can take in the same view in India’s stunning surroundings.



Here we have brought you the list of the finest places to visit in India that offer akin to popular international tourist spots . So why wait? Book a vacation package to India and take in the country’s exotic atmosphere. If  you have any questions regarding travel packages, you can call us at Mint Fares  toll free number ( 1844 285 7996) Our team of travel specialists is available to serve you .