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What Are The Various Chances to Finding The Lost Luggage?


It is bound to happen to anyone who travels enough. If you are waiting at baggage claim for your checked bag and all of a sudden the baggage carousel stops and your bag is nowhere to be found, then you can claim at the airport or to the airline. So, here are some points, which will compile everything you need to know for when your luggage gets lost and bring it back to you.

  1. If Your Luggage Is Damaged, Get The Airline To Pay For Repairs

The airline will pay for repairs if a bag is torn, missing a wheel, or in any way damaged. If it’s beyond help, the airline will pay you its depreciated value. Same goes for anything inside that’s been damaged, though you’ll have to prove that you didn’t pack the damaged goods inadequately, especially if the outside of the suitcase is fine.

  1. Track Your Luggage

There are some major airlines like Delta and American, which allow you to track your baggage on their websites, where you can find out information about where your bags are. For example, if your luggage had not arrived on your recent flight, then you can pull up information from the airline’s website. Knowing at least where your bag is. And if it’s not completely lost, then talk to the airline and filing a claim.

  1. Immediately Go To The Airline’s Baggage Office

As soon as you discover that your luggage is lost, proceed immediately to your airline’s baggage office, which is usually near the baggage carousels. These helps you to find out where are your bag and how long it should take to arrive and begin filing a claim. The line can be too long but it does not matter so don’t leave the airport before visiting the baggage office. The airline will help you to find your bag and avoid having to pay out. But, they have to reimburse you for it once it declares your stuff officially gone. So, filling out a claim form and explaining in detail what was in the bag.

  1. If Your Bag Is Delayed, Report It As Lost ASAP

Most reasons of delayed lost luggage as airlines sophisticated systems tracking them down, and can usually do so within a few hours. There can be number of chances if your bags got on the wrong flight. If airline personnel find your bag and said it is on the next flight, then ask them to file a report. You can give them your baggage claim tags and get a copy of the report. Also get a phone number to follow up pester someone just in case.

Note: take a photo of your luggage before you depart: it’ll be more effective than describing your black suitcase.

  1. File A Claim

At the airline’s baggage office, you can file a claim. Here you will fill out details about your bag like bag type, color, etc. Enter the valuables and an address to where it can be delivered once it arrives. Many airlines have up-to-the-minute alert systems that will inform you of changes in status. When your baggage was delayed, you got frequent updates via email and had your luggage back by the end of the day. Since many airlines require you to file a claim within a certain time period so make sure you file a claim right away.

  1. Know Your Rights

Know your rights about what you’re entitled to once you have filed a claim. In the U.S., the airline is required to compensate you for your bag and contents if an airline loses your bag. In addition, airlines are required to pay a stipend for passengers to use on clothes, toiletries, etc. Some airlines reimburse when receipts are presented, while others provide a standard stipend, when your luggage is lost.

  1. Buy A Luggage Tracker

This is one of the best part for not to lose luggage, especially when they could be paying for lost luggage. Consider buying a luggage tracker, which a number of different companies manufacture to prevent it. There are few of luggage trackers like Tile, Trakdot and LugLoc, which many of have an app so that you can track your baggage in real-time.

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