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Lost Luggage: Airline Lost, Delayed, Damaged & Stolen Luggage Statistics!


Lost luggage can make the passenger frustrated, especially when they have been flying for hours and just want to get home.  Whether it’s a business or leisure trip, lost luggage makes the travelers dread when you arrive at the airport.

It is pretty much sucked if your baggage is lost or damaged because it is extremely inconvenient for travelers. But you can claim for your lost luggage compensation and get it back. Follow and learn what to do if luggage is lost, delayed, or damaged at the airport.

Deadlines For Claiming

Most airlines follow these deadlines, but it’s a good idea to check with the airline.

If your luggage is delayed or missing, the airline has 21 days to find it and get it to you. If you get your luggage back within 21 days, you can still claim compensation for delayed luggage. If you don’t, claim for lost luggage.


Damaged luggage


7 days after getting your luggage

Missing or damaged contents


7 days after getting your luggage

Delayed or missing luggage


21 days after the flight

Lost luggage – it’s officially lost after 21 days


As soon as possible after it’s officially lost


  • Delayed Luggage:

Do not need to panic if your bags are delayed. The airlines have number of ways to track your misplaced luggage and returned them to you. You can access the within few hours if your bags are on the next flight. But, it could take a couple of days if it has been sent to the wrong airport.

So, file your claim immediately at the airport and to give the attendant a hotel or home address, as well as a phone number where you can be getting your bag. Get a reference number for your claim and check your bag status. Some airlines have an online system while others provide a phone number to call for updates. Many airlines will reimburse any unexpected expenses caused by the loss or delay.

  • Lost Baggage:

Make sure you have a written claim for damages if the airline loses your bags. This may require a different form than the original “missing luggage” form. This can be done at the airport or by mail. In the United States, if you paid a checked baggage fee for your lost bag, then the airline must refund your fee. Check your carrier’s website for specifics.

You might have a recipient so that you can prove the value of items you had in your lost luggage. If you have them include copies in any documentation, then you can send it to the airline. The airline will reimburse you for the depreciated value of your items.  You can purchase “excess valuation” protection from your airline if your checked baggage is worth more than these limits. But, make sure the items aren’t already covered by your homeowner’s or travel insurance policy.

Note: There are a number of items for which the airlines are not responsible, includes jewelry, money, heirlooms and other valuables. So, left such sorts of items at home or packed in your carry-on bag. These sorts of items should always be left at home or packed in your carry-on bag.

  • Stolen Bags:

If your bag is stolen, then head directly to the baggage carousel to minimize the potential time for your bag to be stolen. At the larger airport, many airlines scan bags when they’re loaded into the baggage claim area and keep records. If your bag goes missing after you’ve left the baggage claim area, then your claim is no longer with the airline, but with the police. So, purchase travel insurance to cover the stolen suitcase.

  • Damaged Baggage:

Immediately check for damage or other signs of tampering or mishandling once you have gotten your bags off the carousel. If any damage occurs, then report to the airline. The customer service agents inspect the bag. For any repairs, you have a receipt for repairs or use airline-sanctioned luggage repair vendors. Ask the baggage claim attendant for specific information.

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