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Top ‘5’ Best Airport Lounges In America With The Ultimate Facilities!


Hanging out in an airport and standing in line at the TSA checkpoint can be little hectic if you are stuck at the airport for hours because of a flight delay. But airport lounges that belong to a particular airline and can access them through a program like Priority Pass which offers a touch of luxury amenities. It also helps you to spend more time by enjoying free drinks and food.

You can visit lounges shared by airlines through groups like Star Alliance. You can also join the lounges networks like The Club or Airspace Lounge, or The Global Lounge Collection.

Below, check out the best airport lounges in the United States plus how to get into each of lounges even without a first-class ticket.

  1. Alaska Airlines Board Room, Seattle

If you are planning a layover at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, then you have to check out the Alaska Airlines Board Room. The two-floor lounge actually is located at the Concourse C, D and between gate N1 & N2. The lounge is facilitated by the number of amenities and due to that, you can enjoy delicious food and fresh pancakes. The lounge also offers the complimentary cocktails, beer, wine, and Starbucks coffee. The airline also provides a concierge service for their passengers.

How to get in: You can purchase a day pass or a membership program to access this Board Room that is operated by Alaska. The charges for membership are different.

  1. American Airlines Admirals Club, Los Angeles

If you are flying through Los Angeles, then you have to pick of numerous airport lounges. But American Airlines Admirals Club lounge is one of the best lounge at Los Angeles International Airport in the USA. Travelers can feel spacious and uncrowded. The lounge typically stays quiet and also has a separate play area for children. To spend layover at this lounge, enjoy the delicious food and attentive service, plus the opportunity to take a hot shower.

How to get in: To get into this lounge, you have to qualify the Admirals Club airport lounges in numerous ways. You can get in by buying a day pass or a membership. You also enter into this lounge by flying in First or Business class or can access as an Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro, or Platinum elite, OneWorld Emerald or Sapphire member, or as a Citi AAdvantage Executive card.

  1. Cathay Pacific Lounge, San Francisco

Cathay Pacific lounge offers one of the best airport lounges in the United States. This 9,000 square foot lounge accommodates 175 passengers and not too much crowded. It is perfect for relaxing between flights and to wash off the trees with a private shower suite. The passengers can also enjoy the free high-speed Wi-Fi at its workstation. You can enjoy the airline’s signature noodle bar or the large dining area with a self-serve buffet. The lounge even offers an espresso bar for caffeine-deprived travelers.

How to get in: You have to fly in first or business class on Cathay Pacific or one of its Oneworld partners. Or, you can get in if you are the member of a Oneworld Sapphire or Emerald elite.

  1. Delta Sky Club, Atlanta

If you are flying through the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta , then you have to enter the Delta Sky Club. It is one of the best airport lounges. It is located at the at JFK’s Terminal 4 and Atlanta’s Concourse F. The Delta Sky Club gives you access to a Sky Deck, where you can watch the planes go by or kick back with a drink while you wait for your flight. The lounge also gives you a quiet environment to relax or to get some work done.

How to get in: You have to purchase an international or transcontinental first class ticket, elite status with Delta, or an American Express Platinum or Centurion card to access this lounge.

  1. Etihad Airways Terminal 4 Lounge, New York

If you are flying through JFK, then have to check out the Etihad Airways lounge. The lounge is situated at the airport’s Terminal 4. It is one of the most luxurious airport lounges in New York City. The lounge provides the “unparalleled luxury,” to its customers. The lounge facilitates with the fully stocked bar, fine dining options, and offer a birds-eye view of operations on the ground. There is also a secret door, through which you can access a private lounge those are flying aboard.

How to get in: To access this lounge, you have to purchase an Etihad ticket or those passengers who are flying in a premium cabin with Air Serbia.

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