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‘7’ Tips For Sleeping In Airports Safely To Avoid The Long Layover!


Whether your flight is canceled or delayed due to a thunderstorm, missed a connection or a long layover, sometimes it meant you might have to sleep in the airport. Long layover makes the travelers frustrated and truly tired. But some airports are considering a better way to accommodate unlucky passengers by providing sleeping pods or spaces and hotels.

Sleeping in airports or a high-traffic place like an airport can be tricky and stressful. Here are some facts that will help the passengers how to sleep in public without putting your stuff at risk.

  1. Use Your Bag as a Pillow

Keep your bag safe from thieves by using it as a pillow while you sleep. Put a lock on every zipper and position the bag in such a way so that the zipper-side faces your sleeping.

  1. Remove the Distractions

Use an eye mask, earplugs, headphones, a neck pillow, a sweater or blanket over you to tune out the hustle and bustle at the airport. But to keep yourself or your bag safe from the thieves, the best is, do this only when you are with a travel partner.

  1. Take Shifts with Your Travel Partner

Sleep in shifts if you are traveling with a companion. Through this way, one of you can keep an eye on the bags and can get the rest and security that you need.

  1. Request a Cot

Many airports provide the cots for stranded passengers. They are typically used during the mass flight cancellations. So, ask an airport representative or employee for one.

  1. Sleep in a Pod

The airport sleeping pods are available at the terminals. These can convert from cozy chairs to lie-flat beads comfortably and privately. The international airports in Abu Dhabi, Delhi, Munich, Beijing, Tokyo, and Moscow offer sleep pods to the passengers, while Atlanta, Stateside, Dallas, and Philadelphia provide the mini-suites for one hour at locations past security.

  1. Get a Massage

These days spas are everywhere even at the airports. So, look for such ubiquitous havens in many domestic and international terminals across the airport. Massage will help you to take a better sleep.

  1. Try an Airport Lounge

There is a number of airport lounges are available at the airport. These are facilitated with comfortable lie-flat seats, peace, quiet; lounges offer privacy and relative security that is hard to come by in the more public areas of an airport. And if you are flying in first or business class, then your ticket may even get you in for free.

If you are sleeping at the airport, then chances are something went very wrong with your travel plans. The above tips will help you to avoid the long layover, whether you were late for an international flight, missed a connection or maybe your plane got held up in another city due to a bad weather.