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‘5’ Budget Travel Tips For The First Time Flyers While Traveling To India!


Visiting India is possibly the most exciting, diverse and life-changing place to travel in the world. The first trip to India can be quite overwhelming due to its beautiful culture.

There are a number of things you should do before you travel to India, but where to start with it all? This step by step guide helps you to plan your trip and organize it for traveling to India  with the stress-free mind.

  1. How To Start Planning A Trip To India

To stay flexible during your trip, it’s better to start researching before heading to India. Plan your itinerary like where you want to go and when you have to start your journey to see the main attractions of India. As you know India is a vast and diverse country so traveling here can be challenging and best for everyone. So prepare yourself and learn as much as you can about this incredibly rich and exotic culture for visiting India.

  1. When To Travel To India

As you know, India is really a huge country where you can enjoy the main attractions, culture, and history of ancient time. But, the weather changes considerably so this thing will define where you have to do according to seasons.

Generally, the best time to visit India  is in the winter from November to March as cooler temperatures make traveling more pleasant. Visiting during summer, from March to May is not much pleasant for travelers. The monsoon rains come from June to September.

For Example:

If you wanted to visit areas like Leh and Ladakh the best time to do this is in the summer. OR, if you want to visit Goa, then travel during the monsoon season.

  1. Where You Have To Travel In India

There is a number of the best things about traveling in India is, mountains covered with snow, beaches, languid backwaters, and desert forts. The top tip for traveling India is to take it slow and get around seeing the major attractions. Another thing is, if you have less than 1 month in India, then concentrate on only one particular area.

  • If you are first-time visitors, then go to the South first before tackling the big sights and chaotic cities in the North.
  • The Golden Triangle is a popular first-time route that includes the big sights like Delhi, Agra, and
  • If you have more time then exploring more of Rajasthan.
  • Visit the holy city of Varanasi on the river Ganges.

So, think about your interest and explore the cities

that you like the most – whether it is history, forts and palaces or nature, wildlife, temples or beaches, food or nightlife.

  1. Book Your Flights To India

Once you got your Indian visa you can finalize your travel plans and book your flights to India. Search for cheap flights to India

because this allows you to take advantage of the best deals and cheapest prices. There is a number of websites that offer the cheap flights and hotels.

According to best prices and services, the preferable airlines that are flying to India are Delta, Qatar, and southwest. Air India is also cheaper Virgin America also fly directly to India.

They have the quickest and most hassle-free connection. If you plan to take domestic flights within India, then, Jet Airways and Indigo and Air Asia are the best for domestic flights.

  1. Book Your Hotel Accommodations

Find the budget accommodation as you go in most places of India. It allows you to stay flexible in India and book hotels at least few days before especially when you arrive at the late or at night. Get an airport transfer to your hotel to avoid the hassle and potential scams when you first arrive.

You can get an app on your phone for booking so that you can search and book easily as you travel. The advantage of doing this is that you can look around the area, inspect a few properties and negotiate the price.

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