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When Is The Best Time To Book Flights To India From USA!


Passionate travelers used to move regularly and discover new destinations. Every time traveling to a new place means flight booking, hotel booking and other expenses. They need to cut the flight expenses so that they never stop traveling due to lack of money.

When we talk about flight ticket booking it costs too much for a person who is not familiar with the basic tricks of booking.

Best idea is to look for the flight ticket deals that can cut the cost of flying. Mostly, it is hard for the traveler to get the best deals on flights because the domestic and international flight prices change so often. But the truth about getting a good deal on flights is to book your flights on time.

If you want the best deal on airfare, book your flights early and be flexible with travel time and date.

In this way you will get a nice chance of traveling without burning a hole in your pocket.  So, analyze the best time to book flights to India  and figure out when a potential flight will cost you less dollar.


Here Are The Tricks To Book Flights To India From USA:

Num 1: Buy the Non-Refundable Tickets:

Always buy the non- refundable airline tickets to get the low cost airfare. The non–refundable airline tickets are always cheaper than the refundable one. Therefore, it is advised to book flight ticket online only when you are sure of your travel dates.


Num 2: Skip Weekends:

This is another way to get cheap online flight tickets. As you know that weekend is meant for fun and holidays due to which the flight charges are higher than usual. So, make your program on the regular weekdays and save money for the same route.

Apart from this, late night and mid-day flights are usually cheaper than the early morning one. So, book the late night flight tickets in order to save money.


Num 3: Book As Early As Possible (Book Nearly 30 – 40 Days In Advance):

This is the perfect way to get the cheap flight tickets. As much closer to the departure date you book your flights much higher the airfare you have to pay. So, make sure that you book your flight tickets at least 30 to 45 days in advance for money saving booking.


Num 4: Regular Check on Airline Websites:

Sometimes the airline offers the attractive discounts and deals on flights. So for this, you need to keep a regular check on the airline’s websites. As along with this, you need to stay active on Facebook, Twitter and other social media so that you can easily find the cheapest airfare. If you stay updated then you will get the notification earlier than others.


Num 5: Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days to fly:

The weekends are the most expensive. Searching for tickets off the pick days of the week can save you 20% to 40% of the ticket price.


Num 6: Wait for airline sale:

Airlines are open for the sale sometimes in a year. You need to keep an eye on the airlines for these updates. Because it is the best time to buy USA to India flight tickets online at better prices. This sale goes on the official website of the airline. Keep updated and the moment you see the sales going on buy the flight tickets.


Num 7: Book round trip than one-way:

Many websites provide round trip flight ticket deals that can be beneficial for you. Booking a single sided airline ticket from USA to India is expensive than a round trip. It happens because airline try to make profit from your single sided trip that can cost you really high. So, book round trips rather than the one-way.


Num 8: December yields most expensive tickets:

December is the season for festivals and holidays. At that time most people go to their home or plan a trip with family. Thus, airlines raise the airfare due to more demand of seats. Do not book in December if you are looking for cheap airline tickets from USA to India.


Num 9: Subscribe for online Alerts:

As you have to check regularly for the new update because the airfares keep on changing by the time. But sometimes we skip because of the busy schedule; in this case, you should set alerts online on your mobile devices. The moment air ticket prices change you will get notified. Now you are free to book your flight tickets at the desired prices.


Num 10: Act Quickly:

Acting quickly is another important thing that you must do while booking flights from the USA to India because if you are analyzing the fares regularly then you should also know that when to book. The moment you see lower fares book the flight tickets; because they are gonna change again in some time if you keep waiting for a longer time. Though prices may go more down after your booking, in this case, you can cancel the previous ticket and buy the newer one at low prices. But don’t take more than 24 hours to cancel your ticket after booking.


Num 11: Use Credit Cards:

Making a booking by using credit cards also helps. You get reward points and other perks when you make payments by using a credit card. You can use these points in your future bookings. It would make your travel cheaper.


General Tips for Buying Airline Tickets:

  • Book your flights 60 days in advance. This could save up to 34% on airfare. Booking a flight on the same day may cost you high and price can go up to 36%.
  • The best day of the week to fly is “Tuesday”. This could save up to 11%. Avoid flying on Saturdays if you really want to save.
  • Flying in the evening can save up to 9%.
  • Red eye flights are cheaper than day flights because people avoid such timings.
  • Don’t book too early because fluctuations in airfare may occur and price may fall.
  • Sign up for fare alerts and get the best deals on airfare. When the price of plane tickets drop after purchase, allowing travelers to request an airline voucher for the price difference.
  • Avoid popular flying day i.e on holiday airfares are generally high.
  • Stay alert; you never know when a fancy deal comes along.

Sometimes most of the major airlines come up with special fares and deals on some seats. Being alert and aware of them can let you grab the seat in less cost. If you have planned your trip in advance then keep looking for such deal that can be beneficial for you. With above tricks you will surely get a good deal for your trip.



Q1. How do I get the best deals on the USA to India flights?

Ans. You can get the best deals on the USA to India flights by booking tickets in advance. A last-minute flight reservation can burn a hole in your pocket, so the optimal technique is to plan your trip and book the air tickets three to six weeks before the date of departure. Keep checking the airline websites for price drops and discount codes. You can also download a browser extension that will scour the Internet for you and deliver the best discount coupons.

Q2. How to book the USA to India cheapest flight?

Ans. We know that international flights can cost a fortune. But, there are a few tricks and tips to book the USA to India cheapest flight and save some coins. Firstly, visit the official website of the airlines and check for coupons or cash-backs. Some airlines offer discounts to senior citizens, students, and likewise, so make sure to check them out properly. Also, browse through third-party apps as they provide some unbelievably fabulous deals at times. Non-stop flights can be more expensive; hence, consider reserving a connecting flight. Lastly, airfares to India shoot up exponentially before festivals, so avoid booking tickets during such times.

Q3. Is it possible to book the USA to India direct flights?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to book the USA to India direct flights. Currently, nine direct flight services are operating between the USA and India; three are operated by United Airlines and five by Air India. But, it is noteworthy to mention that direct or non-stop flights are comparatively expensive. So, if you want to save some bucks, consider reserving a connecting flight as most of them are as comfortable as a direct flight.

Q4. Is it a good idea to book the USA to India non-stop flights?

Ans Yes, it is good to book the USA to India non-stop flights if time is your primary concern. If you want to reach India at the earliest possible hour, then a non-stop flight might be the right choice for you. On the flip side, if you have ample time in your hands, then consider opting for a connecting flight. Most of the connecting flights are as comfortable as non-stop flights and are also lighter on the pocket. Look for discount codes over the Internet manually or through browser extensions to save more of those precious coins.

Q5. What is the best time for the USA to India flight booking?

Ans. India is such a vast and diverse country that there is no inappropriate time to visit the country. But, if you want to save some money, then the best time for the USA to India flight booking is January when you can avail some fabulous discounts from airlines. You should pre-plan your trip and try to reserve your airline tickets at least three weeks prior to the date of departure. Also, do not book your air tickets before Diwali or any other major Indian festival, as prices tend to shoot up exponentially.

Q6. How to avail the USA to India international flights from the comfort of my home?

Ans. The Internet is your best friend when it comes to booking tickets from the comfort of your home. Nowadays, you do not need to go to a travel agent for a flight reservation; every facility is available at the click of the mouse. So, you can book the USA to India international flights by visiting the official website of Air India or United Airlines and search the optimum flight. You can also choose third-party apps to book your international plane tickets.  

Q7. Can I book the USA to India flights cheap tickets now?

Ans. Although the covid19 pandemic has led to increased international airfares, you can book the USA to India flights cheap tickets. The first point to remember is to check the international travel guidelines and then reserve your tickets. Secondly, pre-planning is crucial for international traveling as last-minute flights can burn a hole in your pocket and jeopardize your entire budget. Keep looking at the official airline websites for price drops and discount codes. Some third-party apps offer price comparison and price prediction tools that you can use to gain deeper insights.