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Book A Flight: Which Airlines Provide The Standby Tickets For Travelers!


Buying standby tickets is a great way to secure a flight for your schedule. It can be easier and even an affordable way to travel. Every traveler gets on an earlier flight to reach on his/her destination on time.

It is an appealing idea to get an ultra-cheap standby ticket at the last minute and snagging an empty seat on the next flight. But, sometimes it becomes difficult. Nowadays, passengers who travel standby already hold a ticket but want to upgrade their seat, switch to an earlier or later flight or change their destination.

So, here take a closer guide on what is the meaning of fly standby, facts on how to fly standby and which airlines sell standby tickets.

What Is Fly Standby

When a passenger wants to change his/her seat status or schedule change and then tickets effectively become standby tickets. Passengers wait for desired seats until they did not find it.

If there is a cancellation occurs or airline does not manage to fill a seat, then the standby passenger can take it. But, generally, the spare seats on planes are rarer because airlines often overbook flights, a patient traveler can sometimes make the switch. Check airline and then book a flight with last-minute deals. But no changes may be allowed on these tickets.

Facts On How To Fly Standby:

Standby tickets can make your journey secure and fly you with you a different time than originally booked.

  • All standby passengers need to have already booked a ticket.
  • The airline representative or agents help to get on a standby list.
  • A reward member can easily and successfully fly
  • The way to buy standby tickets, and fees to pay, varies from one airline to the next.

Airlines Policy For Standby Flights

Every airline has its own standby policy and potential fees. This guide can provide some information, but it is always best to contact them directly in case of any changes.

  • Alaska Airlines

Alaska offers free same-day standby tickets on the date of departure for cities like Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and California. But, if you wish to make changes outside of the above-listed eligibility, normal change fees and restrictions apply. You must be at gate 30 minutes before departure of your flight.

Another fact is that the airline does not offer the same day confirmed changes via the web, kiosk, or passengers traveling on group reservations or Vacations bookings. During regular business hours, you may make the changes to the applicable reservation desk.

  • Frontier Airlines

Those passengers who have qualified the membership of elite can fly in standby flights. But, all other have to pay to change to a same-day ticket at a new time.

If you are flying to/from an airport in each group, then you may request the same-day confirmed alternate flight change or standby travel (if eligible) to fly to/from another airport in the group if there is a seat available by paying the applicable fee.

  • Southwest Airlines

It depends on the type of fare paid by the passenger. Only ‘Anytime’ and ‘Business Select’ fares are eligible for standby. But, if you purchase ‘Wanna Get Away’ or ‘Senior’ fares, then you will need to pay the fare difference. There may be additional fees. Standby is free for those holding the more expensive Business Select and refundable tickets.

  • Virgin America

The unconfirmed standby is free for all passengers on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are fee apply to a ticket change if you would like to confirm/guarantee a seat.

  • JetBlue

There is a fee for first-come, first-serve standby as well as same-day flight changes for select fare types. Note that cities with only 1 flight per day have neither standby nor same-day flight changes available.

Standby is not available on every route but where it is, it’s free. You must have to contact to JetBlue before your original departure time.

  • Delta Air Lines

A standby fee is applied for most passengers. Basic Economy fares are not eligible for standby or same-day changes. The same-day standby upgrade option allows you to upgrade your flight for a small fee, provided space is available and your ticket is eligible. This option applies to specific flights and routings:

You can choose to fly standby with the same-day standby option if you are unable to secure a new flight with the same-day confirmed option. You may request a same-day standby within 24 hours before the departure time of your new requested flight.

  • American Airlines

The flights fly to North America, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, American Airlines charge you for same-day standby tickets. This fee is waived for military personnel, first-class, business class and AAdvantage Elite members.

  • United Airlines

The airline charges you if you are flying standby. Tickets containing Basic Economy fares are not eligible for flight changes. MileagePlus Premier® Gold, Premier Platinum, and Premier 1K® members may request a same-day change at no charge.

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