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Why India Should Be Your Next Vacation Spot!


Travelers always want to explore something new (place) in their every vacation. If you haven’t travelled to India ever than give yourself one chance to explore the beauty of India which is worth to see.

Before visiting any place we try to find its best place for food or places to travel. Hence here, I will let you know some of the best reason to visit India. Come along with me and explore something new!

Food to travel at cheap rates!

India is known for its incredible culture so as known for incredible cheapness. Coming for the USA, you will find India extremely cheap; this is being confirmed by the world economic forum (WEF) travel and tourism competitiveness report. According to them, India is 10th best for “price competitiveness”. From food to transport everything is cheap.  You can get the best of food with quality at reasonable prices.

Traditional food!

Indian food is available all over the world but the authentic taste of Indian food; you can taste in India only. That real taste of food in there, traditional way of serving is ultimate. A perfect combination of species in dishes and ultimately delicious dessert, in the end, is worth for visit to India. India is known for watery bread with a different variety of water, dosa with sambhar, hot Amritsari kulcha with butter, rogan josh ( you will feel josh after eating this delicious food). Try some more amazing foods of India by Next Vacation Spotyourself.

A chance to meet Bollywood celebs!

Visit the city of dreams, Mumbai, where can see the actual shooting of the movie and there is even a chance that you can be captured by any director’s shot (Don’t miss this chance to be on big silver screen! Who knows?). And more than that you might get a chance to meet your favourite Bollywood celebs and take their autograph.

Celebrate the festival at grand level!

You can see the amazing bonding between people during festivals. Indians strongly believe in togetherness! Be that sadness or happiness, Indians are always there for their loved ones. The beauty of India is at its best during a grand celebration of the festival, be that colourful festival Holi or festival of lights Diwali, every festival celebrates in a grand way in India.

Incredible History!

You can relive the history of India in its monuments. The story of the struggle to get independence can shiver your spine.  If you are interested in history then India is the best place to visit.

Stay in the palace!

You can get the royal comforts by staying in royal palaces. There are so many India. While travelling and exploring to Udaipur, Rajasthan, Jaipur you can stay in those next vacation palaces and can get the taste of mouth-watering traditional food.

Sites to see for tourists!

From the height of the Himalayas to the deep sea of Andaman, you can explore everything in one country. Measure the length of road and check your speed on the roads of Leh or any hill station, can test your courage with adventures spot of Rishikesh.

Maybe this will excite you to visit India in your next vacations. Hope your experience in this place will be more than you expect in a positive way!

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