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Know About Alaska Airlines Ticket Cancellation & Refund Policy


An airline can change or cancel your flight if any uncontrolled weather condition occurs like air traffic delays or a strike. The airline will compensate their passengers in such situation. But, the airline will not be responsible for compensation if cancellation occurs due to weather changes, thunderstorm etc.

The other possibility of cancellation is, if you want to make the changes in your travel plans. In such cases, you may or may not get the compensation. Or maybe the airline will charge the extra fee.

So without fall in a hectic situation, check out the Cancellation Policy of Alaska airlines:

What Is Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Planning a trip can be complicated; hurdles tend to pop up when you are expecting for best. But, the airline will let you know via contact information for further reservation process if the flight is canceled before the departure of the flight.

Alaska Airlines Cancellation within 24 Hours:-

You can make changes to your itinerary within 24 hours of purchase with no change fees, or cancel your flights within 24 hours of purchase with a full refund. No matter what sort of surprises is in store but you has the flexibility to change your travel with 24-hour cancellation policy.

Alaska Airlines Fare Rules Are:-

There may be a fee to change or cancel your reservation but all this will depend on your fare.

  • You have to pay a cost for per change in addition to any fare difference if a fee does apply.
  • You will also be responsible for any fare increases and taxes that apply to your new itinerary when a new reservation is made.
  • Alaska will offer credit toward future travel or a refund depending on the rules of the ticket if the ticket price is low.
  • Any changes made before the original departure time, or you will be subject to the no-show

How to Cancel Alaska Airlines Tickets?

If any delay, cancellation, or diversion happens, then Alaska will notify you by a cell phone call, home phone call, email, or online through Flight Alerts. If a schedule change results in a new time more than 10 minutes from original departure or more than 15 minutes from original arrival, then updates will occur.


To cancel the ticket you need to contact the Alaska airlines Office or via Online or via its official App.

Alaska Airlines Online Flight Status:-

Just by visiting the manage reservation page, you can change or cancel your flights online. When your plans change within the first 24 hours on your ticket purchase then do the following things:

  • If you need to change your flights, then you can do so one time without paying any change fees.
  • If you need to cancel your flights, then the airline will refund you the cost of your unused tickets.

Note: If your ticket is not able to change online, then contact the nearest Alaska airlines office.

Alaska Airlines Ticket Cancellations by Travelers:-

If the cancellation is made by the traveler, then all tickets may be refunded in full to the original form of payment within the first 24 hours after the original purchase. Alaska is committed to refunding all refundable tickets within:

  • 20 business days for cash purchases
  • 7 business days for credit-card purchases

Reservations made via or through a reservation call center or airport location require immediate purchase. Passengers with the immediate-purchase travel ticket can make one change on fully unused tickets within 24 hours of the original date of purchase without any charges. But, any increase in fare still applies.

Passengers may also cancel the Immediate-purchase travel itineraries within 24 hours of purchase and will be refunded back to the original form of payment.

  • Passengers may receive a credit certificate on wholly unused nonrefundable tickets when canceling the tickets.
  • A service fee will apply for each ticket being changed, plus payment of any difference between the value of the original ticket and the new fare.
  • If a passenger uses part of a ticket, remaining value is circulated against the flown portions of the trip.

Alaska Airlines Cancellations Within/Without Airline Control

Cancellations Within Airline Control:-

  • If a flight is canceled, and cancellation occurs more than 100 miles away from home, then the airline will offer hotel accommodations. Accommodations include single or family hotel rooms and round-trip ground transportation to an airport-area hotel.
  • If a passenger does not want to travel due to a flight delay or cancellation, then passengers can reschedule their flight for an alternate day or refund the ticket. Applicable service fees will be waived.

Cancellations Beyond Airline Control:-

If air-traffic-control occurs beyond the airline like a weather situation or another extraordinary circumstance within the intended flight routing, then Alaska will not offer any services to passengers. The airline will make the frequent announcements about the next update. Passengers can also get the information through the gate agent display monitors.

Alaska Airlines Delays

If the delays occur due to airlines, then the airline will offer compensation in following cases:

Delayed For 1 hour Or More:-

If airline delays the passenger’s arrival time for 1 hour or more than the originally scheduled arrival, then the airline will allow the passenger to make a phone call to let know when he or she will be arriving.

Delayed For 2 Hours Or More:-

If airline delay the passenger’s arrival for 2 hours or more, then airport customer-service agents will provide the card with instructions to the passenger via email or letter with an apology and a relevant discount code off a future Alaska Airlines flight.

The passenger has Separate Tickets For Another Airline:-

If a passenger has the tickets of another airline, then Alaska will contact that carrier on the passenger’s behalf for onward travel arrangements. But in this case, any change in routing or cost is controlled by the next carrier.

Passenger Decides Not To Travel Due To Delay Or Cancellation:-

If a passenger decides not to travel due to a flight delay or cancellation, he or she can reschedule the flight for an alternate day or refund the ticket. Applicable service fees will be waived.

Onboard Ground Delays

Alaska will give the updated information to the passengers beginning 30 minutes after the scheduled departure time and at least every 30 minutes or as the flight status changes, whichever comes first.

  • On domestic flights:  If the opportunity exists, then Alaska will not allow aircraft to remain on the tarmac for more than 3 hours without providing passengers an opportunity to deplane. Alaska is unable to guarantee re-accommodation on the original flight if the passenger chooses to de-plane the aircraft.
  • On international flights: The Alaska airline will not remain on the tarmac for more than 4 hours without offering to deplane opportunity.
  • Onboard – If the flight is on the ground for more than 2 hours, then Alaska will maintain a comfortable cabin temperature and provide food, water, first aid, and onboard lavatories.
  • If an extended delay occurs, then Alaska will keep passengers updated about the arrival or departure of the flight. The airline will provide the updates every 30 minutes.

Alaska Airlines Refund Policy

The airline will refund for tickets in full to the original form of payment within the 24 hours after initial purchase. If you have purchased an electronic ticket and it is wholly unused, then you may request your refund online. For refunds on all other refundable electronic tickets, please contact Reservations for assistance.

Ticket Refund Time:-

The airline will refund all eligible tickets within:

  • 20 business days for cash purchases
  • 7 business days for credit card purchases.

Note: It may take 7-14 business days for your credit card company to post your refund to your account.

In order to refund a paper ticket, the first airline will see the physical ticket in order to assess its eligibility. You can also mail your paper ticket for processing.

  • If your paper ticket is lost, stolen, or destroyed, then you must purchase a new one in order to travel.
  • Make a request for a refund the lost ticket, minus a service fee.
  • Get Lost Ticket Refund Applications at any Alaska Airlines ticket counter or by calling/faxing the Refunds department.
  • The lost ticket process takes at least 4 months.

Rebooking Policy

  1. For Involuntary Passenger:

The airline will rebook you to your destination as soon as possible if you are involuntarily denied boarding. You are eligible for the following compensation:

  • Rebooked to arrive at your destination within 1 hr: No compensation
  • Domestic flights rebooked to arrive 1-2 hours later, or international flights 1-4 hours later: The 200% of the value of the affected flight segment(s).
  • Domestic flights rebooked to arrive 2 or more hours later, or international flights 4 or more hours later: The 400% of the value of the affected flight segment(s). You may elect not to travel. In this case, the airline refunds the affected flight segments in addition to your monetary compensation.

Denied Boarding Compensation:-

  • It is possible if you checked all your baggage, paid applicable charges and complete paperwork at your departure gate at least 30 minutes before the departure time.
  • Passengers need to be arriving at the airport at least one and a half hours before departure and two hours for international flights.
  • If you are not able to meet the required check-in time requirements, then you may be denied boarding without compensation.
  1. For Voluntary Passengers:

The airline rebooks the flights of volunteer passenger on the next available flight to your destination at no additional charge. This may not be the next flight and may include flights on other airlines.

Alaska Airlines No-Show Policy

The airline can minimize any impacts of overbooking, and help get seats for guests who need to travel at the last minute. To improve this ability, check out the no-show policy.

Here’s how no-show policy work for tickets purchased or changed.

If you miss your flight, then call the airline before your flight departs in order to receive the value of your ticket as a credit to use on a future flight.

How do you cancel your ticket? Choose from one of 3 options:-

  • Change or cancel your reservation through airlines official website or travel agent.
  • Call the reservations team.
  • Notify an agent at one of airport ticket counters.

If you don’t cancel your ticket before your flight departs, then the airline will apply the no-show policy to your reservation.

This means:-

  • The airline will cancel your flight reservation and all continuing and return flights.
  • Spending the money and/or Mileage Plan miles on non-refundable fares are not available towards a future flight.

The airline will continue to waive change and cancellation fees for MVP® Gold and MVP® Gold 75K members. So, make the changes and cancellations before the departure time of flight because it is eligible for credit toward a future flight unless you purchased a refundable fare.


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