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United Airlines Launches More Lie-Flat Seating Options On Boeing 737 MAX10 Jets!


United Airlines will launch more lie-flat seating options on cross-country flights when its new fleet of Boeing 737 MAX10 planes arrives. The airline has just finished testing one lie-flat product and will conduct a test on its second choice this fall. Once the seating is established, it will go into production on specific Boeing 737 MAX10 jets.

The airline currently offers lie-flat seating on its flights from Newark to Los Angeles or San Francisco. Occasionally, the airline also offers this product on Boston to Los Angeles or San Francisco flights as well. United is looking to close by offering the product on several more of its flights in the near future.

United President Scott Kirby has stated that the exact routes have not been finalized at this time. However, flights from Newark to Seattle or Washington Dulles to Los Angeles are definitely the types of flights they are considering.

United has 100 of the Boeing 737 MAX10 planes on order. The planes will increase the carrier’s fleet size as well as replace aging Boeing 757 planes. The airline will begin taking possession of these new planes in 2020. At that time, the airline will announce which flights will receive the new lie-flat seating options.

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