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United Airlines Will Charge Extra For Front Seats In Economy Cabins!


The United airline will charge extra for front seats in Economy cabins. Yet, the airline has not revealed how much extra passengers will need to pay to enjoy the perk of sitting in the front portion of the cabin.

But the question is – why is united choosing to charge travelers more to sit at the front of its economy cabins? The move comes out with the fact that United has promised priority seating as a perk under its new Corporate Preferred program. This program offers exclusive benefits to travelers who work for companies that do business with United Airlines.


  • Eligible travelers flying with tickets purchased through the Corporate Preferred program are given free access to Economy seats at the front of a plane’s cabin at the time of booking.
  • United travelers with MileagePlus Premier Status also happen to have free access to front-cabin seats when booking their tickets.
  • The only way the airline could free up some space and fulfill its promises to elite travelers was to cut off access to front-cabin seats to non-paying customers.

Regular travelers flying in United’s Economy cabin can be able to sit in the front without forking over extra fees by choosing these seats. Any front-cabin seats that are not filled prior to departure will be open to all customers for no extra charge during the check-in process.

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