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Southwest Airlines Begins More Than A Dozen New Routes This Week!


This week, the southwest airlines will begin operating more than a dozen new direct routes across North America. There are 6 new nonstop routes to San Jose, California that have been started from April 8. And the airline is also planning to add more nonstop routes from the Bay Area to cities across the United States.

New Nonstop Flights Connect California With More Places:

On Sun., Apr. 8, 2018, Southwest inaugurated service on 11 new routes between cities throughout California and cities across the United States. The nonstop flights will take Customers between:

  • San Jose, Calif. and Boise
  • San Jose, Calif. and Houston
  • San Jose, Calif. and Spokane
  • San Jose, Calif. and St. Louis
  • San Jose, Calif. and New Orleans (Flights operate on Sundays)
  • San Jose, Calif. and Albuquerque (Flights operate on Sundays)
  • San Francisco and Austin
  • Sacramento and Austin
  • Sacramento and St. Louis
  • Oakland and Newark
  • San Diego and Newark

Apart from this, the carrier also started new service between Ft. Lauderdale and Jacksonville. The flights are operating 3 times a day. Additionally, Southwest is also offering the new daily nonstop flights between Raleigh/Durham and Kansas City, Mo. And on Sunday, a nonstop service provided between Austin and Indianapolis.

New Saturday Service:

On Saturday, April 14, the carrier will start its weekly service between Oakland and Orlando. The first time, it has connected the Bay Area and Orlando with nonstop service. This service will offer the daily flight from July 15, 2018.

New Seasonal Service:

The airline will start its seasonal weekly flights between Kansas City, Mo. and Pensacola, Fla., and between Orlando and Oklahoma City from April 14, 2018. This service is only available on Saturdays. Southwest will also begin weekly nonstop service on Saturdays between Phoenix and New York (LaGuardia). The service will continue until June 2, 2018.

New International Gateways Open:

Southwest is also beginning its international routes from 2 new gateway cities. On Saturday, April 14, the carrier will begin weekly seasonal flights. The flights will depart only on Saturdays. The other than that, the flights will also fly between Columbus and Cancun and between New Orleans and Cancun on Saturdays.

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