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Small Towns Perfect For Spending A Weekend In India


There are some small towns that have their own charm. If you are planning to escape somewhere away from the crowd and shore of the city then you must visit these towns. Grab the USA to India flights and explore these small towns.


Diskit Town, Ladakh:


It is a town named Diskit in a remote region of India. There is a 14th-century monastery, you must go there. A 106 feet tall statue of Maitreya Buddha is very famous here. Get ready to enjoy the serenity of mountains, birds chirping, desert landscape, and beauty of this old monastery.


Majuli, Assam:


Majuli is the largest island in the world. It is the best place if you are craving for some solitude then you must visit this place. You will discover many types of flora and fauna in this place. Even you can witness the rich culture of this town. Run rise and the ferry ride is the best thing you can do here.


Idukki, Kerala:


Idukki is a district in Kerala with natural marvels. There are many scenic views to explore. There is wildlife Sanctuary, trekking trails, spice plantations, and different types of flower blooms to explore. You can even enjoy the scenic trails of the town. Near to this place, there is a Tea Museum in Munnar where you can spend some time.


Valparai, Tamil Nadu:


Valparai is a great eco-friendly tourist spot. Ecotourism is given more significance at this place. Annamalai Hills all around and the town surrounded by tea estates make it a beautiful and peaceful place. It has many streams, dams, valleys, waterfalls, high mountains, and fields for a sightseeing view. Nearby there is an Anamalai Tiger Reserve which is home to many tigers, panthers, and elephants.


Khimsar, Rajasthan:


This place is located at the heart of Rajasthan. Here you can see the spectacular desert, and enjoy the wildlife safaris. There is a DhawaDoli wildlife century where to explore. At evening see the sunset. Near to this town, Jodhpur is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Rajasthan. You can also go camping in the sand dunes of Khimsar, and pay a visit to the ancient Jain temple.


Khonoma, Nagaland:


This village is estimated to be around 700 years old and is spread over an area around It is famous for its forests and a unique form of agriculture, and terraced cultivation. Here you will find peace in the scenic beauty of the deep valleys surrounded by a green lush forest cover.


Malana, Himachal Pradesh:


It is a very famous town in Himachal Pradesh. The place is famous for the best hashish in the world. If you are adventure freak you must go here. The place is situated near MalanaNala, on the side of Parvati valley; you can enjoy the trekking which is away from the shore of the city.

Check out these places and enjoy the unique culture. Book USA to India flights and move for a perfect weekend trip.


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