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6 Appealing Secret Spots To See In India


Take a journey to India and explore something new every year. India has a lot of sightseeing spots to discover. Check the best offers on flight tickets and book a flight to India. Move to these appealing secret spots which attract many tourists every year. Here are some of the best places to discover.


Shettihalli, Karnataka:


Shettihalli Church located in Karnataka which is a magnificent structure. It is known as Rosary Church famous with the names of ‘The Submerged Church’ and ‘The Floating Church’. This church is an example of Gothic-style architecture drowns every. Every year in monsoon and submerges during summer. It is located in an unexplored location so very fewer tourists reach here. The surroundings of the church have a peaceful and natural ambiance. From Bengaluru, you can reach at this place easily.


ChampanerPavagadh, Gujarat:


In Panchmahal district of Gujarat, the Pavagadh hills lie. These hills are around 800m above sea level. On top of the hill, there is a famous temple of Mata Mahakali. You can reach there by walking around 5km through a forest area or you can go by the ropeway. Best time to visit the temple is in the morning. There is a guest house for visitors where they can rest.


Unakoti, Tripura:


It is a tourist spot of Unakoti in Tripura. It’s a unique place dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is one less than Koti sculptures of deities at this place. Among these rock-cut sculptures, there is a 33-ft-high bust of Lord Shiva. Sculptures include goddess Durga seated on a lion while the other one is believed to be that of Ganga astride a Capricorn. If you like exploring ancient adventure then you must visit this place.


Siju Caves, Meghalaya:


It is also known as Bat Caves located in Tura, Meghalaya. It is a residence for the flying fox or the bat. This cave is a great and unique place to explore because only 1/4th part of the cave receives the sunlight during the day. The rest of the cave remains dark and cold throughout the year. Many tourists reach this place to visit this cave. The cave has a Princess Di’s chamber which is very popular as a tourist attraction.


Rani ki vav, Patan:


Rani ki Vav is a step-well located in Patan, Gujarat. It is designed as an inverted temple under the ground level. It is not just a water storage system but a wonderful architectural wonder built by queen Udayamati in the 11th century. It is an exceptional example of technological development for utilizing groundwater resources.

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