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7 Epic Things To Do In India For An Ethereal Experience


India has a wide variety of places to explore. There is a way of discovering the places so that you can make the trip memorable. Here are some epic things you can do around Indian cities. There is no more explanation for these places. To enjoy you have to go and see by yourself. So book the flights to India and meet the expectations here.


Sundarban Mangroves:


Click the photographs in Sundarban Mangroves located in the delta on the Bay of Bengal. It is the largest mangrove ecosystem in the world. Basically, it is famous for Bengal tigers other than this there are boars, fishing cat, deer, and jungle cat. The region is explored through boat so you must book the boat.


Trek Inside the BorraGuhalu:


BorraGuhalu is the deepest cave of India located in Andhra Pradesh. There is a Shiva Lingam inside the cave and a temple outside it. You have to trek inside this deep cave to explore this spot. Water springs are also inside the cave which is a major tourist attraction.


Trek to Four-tier Dudhsagar Falls:


It is the tallest waterfall of India located on Mandovi River in Goa. You can trek on the route to the Dudhsagar falls. More activities you can enjoy here are cycling, elephant rides, rock climbing, and swimming.


Don’t miss the Street Food in Mumbai:


Mumbai holds the title of having the best street food in India. There are the many USA to India travelers who come here every year. The food is not only tasty but cheap also. It is affordable for everyone. Best from the list are PaniPuri, PavBhaji, Dahi Puri, batata vada, Kanda Poha, Sev, and Bombay Sandwich.


Get the Inner peace in the Lotus Temple:


Lotus temple is located in Delhi. It is a very famous spot for tourists due to its architectural delight. It is known as the universal symbol of peace. Tourists from worldwide come here to feel the peace. The thing only you have to do is to sit inside the temple and meditate for some time. You will see many people sitting inside there. Talking and creating noise is not allowed inside the Lotus Temple.


Worship at Akshardham Temple:


It is located in New Delhi. It is a Hindu temple and a cultural complex dedicated to Bhagwan Swaminarayan. This temple is a great place for worship complete with exhibits, boat rides, water shows, and lush gardens. It is located in a wide area that will leave you to stun. Touch the brilliant masterpiece of ancient Indian architecture. It is an icon of historical as well as a pilgrimage site. Don’t miss the cultural boat ride and taking a walk on across the Lotus Garden and Garden of India.


Chill Out at Connaught Place:


Connaught Place is the largest commercial center of its type. It is a horse-shoe shaped market including two circles in it. Here you will find a wide range of showrooms if you are interested in shopping. Even you can enjoy the nightlife as there are lots of nightclubs, resto-bars, and music outlets in Connaught Place.

Get ready and book flights to India for an Ethereal Experience. Here are thousands of things which can be done in Indian destinations.


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