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Begin Your Journey: To Celebrate This Republic Day In India


To Indians, Republic Day is very special. Every day this day is celebrated on 26th January. At a beautiful historical place Delhi, it is celebrated with charm. Visit the Capital City Delhi on this Republic Day and see the live parade and other events. The parade will give you a glimpse of the cultural diversity of India. Some highlights to Parade are as follow:

Republic Day Parade:

The Republic Day parade is around three-hour program. The parade starts at sharp 09:30 am. President of India arrives and the Parade starts. It is held from Raisina Hill near to the President’s Palace followed from India Gate and ends at Red Fort. Here the National flag is hosted by President during the National anthem is played and 21 gun salute is given.

  • The main event is organized to pay the tribute to those who had lost their lives to save the country. Also, the military bravery awards are provided by President like Paramvir Chakra, Vir Chakra etc.
  • Moreover, the Republic Day Parade can be seen at other places like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata.
  • The parade includes the involvement of different states union territories to showcase their culture and floats. You will get the glimpse of different traditions of many states in this parade.
  • Enjoy the March pasting of armed forces with the sounds of hitting the shoes on the floor. It is an awesome feeling.
  • It includes the display of different weapons, missiles, bands of police and BSF’s, tableau of states, folk dance, and cultural shows.

Beating the Retreat Ceremony:

Appreciate the Displays

On 29th January at Vijay Chowk or Victory square Beating the Retreat Ceremony takes place. The parade closes with this ceremony; basically, it is held after 3 days of republic day and represents the closing to the Republic day celebration.

  • You will enjoy the live performances from the bands from arm sectors based on Indian tunes.
  • In the end, the whole three bands collectively perform “Abide with Me” which is a Christian’s hymn. At 6 pm the flag is lowered and National anthem is sung. With the sounds and music, the republic day celebration is ended.

Tips to Attend the Republic Day Celebration 2019:

  • You need to buy the tickets if you want to attend the celebration. Entry is allowed to the restricted area only if you will have a valid ticket.
  • Electronic items are not allowed at the venue so leave them at the safe place before attending the celebration.
  • If you are driving with your own vehicle remember to display the parking sticker. Your vehicle will also go through a security check.
  • You have to go through security check so reach before the crowd so that you can get the space easily.
  • You must have a valid identity proof with yourself.


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