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Rolling Out Of Wi-Fi On Flights By British Airways Soon


British Airways could have Wi-Fi on board from June for flights across Europe. Passengers will be able to tweet, Check Emails and take selfies from the cabin and upload.

The high speed Wi-Fi on board selected aircraft is being introduced by airline’s parent company IAG this June. After that the Wi-Fi will be rolled out across 90 per cent of its short haul fleet by 2019.

Although the Wi-Fi is common on long haul flights, which the British airways and Virgin Atlantic is already offering, it is rarely seen in Europe because of the patchy connection to the satellites due to the dense airspace.

IAG, being the launch customer of the European Aviation Network, which is a new system allowing an airplane antenna to connect to satellites as well as a system of 300 ground towers across Europe.

The system requires far lighter on-board equipment than before being developed by developed by Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom.

An Inmarsat spokesperson remarked that for the short-haul aircraft weight of equipment is not fuel efficient, being often smaller.

The spokes person also added that in near future, the passengers will see airlines offering high-speed, future-proof and reliable in-flight broadband access across Europe’s high-traffic flight paths.

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