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Do You Know: Top 7 Airlines Which Offers The Best Airfares For Students


We all have heard things like flight delays and missing luggage which can easily ruin an experience of a trip. And that will hit hard to the ones who are traveling before graduation because the bank account is unable to bear those mishaps. So here are some reliable and affordable airlines for students which provide the best airfare.

Air Norwegian:

The students who are studying in abroad in Europe should check the Norwegian prices beforehand because the airline is covering way more places than Norway. The airline offers various classes of tickets and a low-cost economy ticket which will fit into your budget easily.

  1. American Airlines:

If you want to arrange a flight for a group of 10 to 11 people, American airlines will provide you with discounted price and will let you book seats up to 11 months in advance. You’ll also find the prices to be cheaper in comparison with other flights. Students are able to knock down the prices even if there is no discount.

  1. Lufthansa Airlines:

If you are planning to travel to Europe and especially when you are headed for Germany always prefer flying with Lufthansa. The airline provides a Generation Fly Program, which is very beneficial for the student who is traveling alone because they offer you some very student friendly airfares.

  1. Southwest Airlines:

Being the most economical airline, southwest is the student’s favorite. Even the airline does not have assigned system for system, which means the student can go for window seats. One another positive thing is that if you have a change of plans, you can easily change the flight until 10 minutes before.

  1. British Airways:

The largest Airline in the United Kingdom, British Airways, frequently teams up with student travel agencies to offer students tickets much cheaper. British Airways offer the cheapest round trip ticket.

  1. Cathay Pacific:

Unlike Japan, an East Asian country, if you are traveling to Hong Kong or southern China and you want to travel non-stop, Cathay Pacific is much likely option to go for. Offering fantastic in-flight service and restaurant-level meals, that you might international students brag about. You won’t find Cathay Pacific offering much discount to students; it offers tons of cheap tickets for the students flying to major cities.

  1. Alaska Airlines:

Just like the few airlines above, Alaska Airlines Offers various Airfares discounts for the groups. Group of 10 to 20 or more people who wants to travel to multiple cities can easily score high discounted fares. Also, do not forget that all your miles are transferable from Virgin America to Alaska Airlines.