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Most Energizing Experiences That You Can Have Only In India


India has a lot of tourist destinations. If you are a frequent traveler to India then you must have visited all the popular spots. So, here we come with the new places to explore in 2019; you will definitely love these places.

These are unusual spots for a unique experience. There is no shortage of spectacular places to explore in India. Book the flights to India and get the unique experience at the following places:


Chand Baori, Jaipur

is a major tourist attraction as the monument of Rajasthani architecture. It is a spectacular water tank with the flights of steps made for reserving water. It was utilized as a cool place to store water in the summer.  Experience the unique beauty and architecture of Chand Baori.


Palace of Winds

located in Jaipur usually known as HawaMahal in India. It consists of 953 windows covering the facade of the Palace of the Winds. The view is magnificent here. They were designed to allow the women of the royal court to watch the drama of the streets and being unobserved by outsiders.



Rock Garden in Chandigarh

is a very famous palatial sculpture park. The sculptures are created by assembling the rocks, pieces of trash, Construction scraps and broken household items. The art exhibition also consists of the statues of human and animals.


Explore the ParantheWaliGali

located in the heart of Old Delhi. All the eateries serve the stuffed Delhi style parantha. You must enjoy the paranthas here; it doesn’t take much time if you are in Delhi.



is a religious place where you can feel the spirituality. But, what if you want to experience other than spirituality? So, move for Jolly Music House where all types of traditional Indian instrument classes are provided. You can enjoy the concerts in the evening.


You can taste the Yak butter tea which is an energy drink of Tibetian plateau. The salty liquid brewed with butter and milk help farmers to feel energized all the time. You must try as it will help you sleep, increase your libido, and make you strong.


Celebrate the colorful festivals in different regions of India. Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, Durga Puja, Janmashtami, Shivratri, Lodhi, Pongal, Ganesh Chaturthi are famous festivals celebrated in India. Reveal the different beliefs and stories behind the festival celebration.


In Maharashtra, catch the glimpse of a striking squirrel. It is a unique animal with the furs having splashes of brown, orange, maroon, and black color. You can find them nearby mango, palm, coconut, and jamun trees.


These are some of the experience you can have only in India. Book a flight to India with Mintfares for best deals and offers. Choose the destination corresponding to the experience you want to endure.

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