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India’s Best Honeymoon Destinations


There are hundreds of places that you can travel to in your lifetime. But when it comes to a honeymoon, you cannot take chances under any circumstances. A honeymoon has to be perfect in every sense. You don’t want a wife that antagonises you for the rest of your life for having a bad honeymoon now, do you? So in order to get the best out of your post wedding time with your life partner it is highly recommended that you go for one of the best places to go honeymooning. Some of these places are in India. From picturesque beaches to tranquil mountain hideaways, India is full of places that you can choose as your post-wedding getaways and there is an abundance of them. Here is a list of some of the most popular honeymoon destinations that you and your significant other can reminisce about all the future years that you both will be spending together.



Aah…Goa! Goa has always been a natural choice amongst honeymooners from all across the world. It is home to miles and miles of scenic beaches, swaying coconut palms, old colonial Portuguese buildings, delicious cuisine and an easy-going, laid back atmosphere. In Goa, you will find a sense of revelry, merriment and abandon in the air that is totally contagious. You will fall in love with almost everything that you see here. You and your partner can relax and rewind all the while you are soaking yourself in the sun, on a beach and go back home with a sun kissed skin. Except for the summers when the weather is not so comforting, you can visit all throughout the year.




The Lakshadweep is famous for its exotic and sun-kissed beaches, luxuriant landscapes and clear blue waters. What more can one ask for a tropical honeymoon? Apart from these, there is a bigger attraction of the Lakshadweep islands, and it rests underwater. Lakshadweep’s untouched lagoons, pure coral reefs and warm waters are a lure for honeymooners. The best time to travel is in the months of September to February and you can have a really amazing time during that period as the weather is unquestionably perfect.


Coorg (Kodagu) 


The misty valley of Coorg which is spread across the Western Ghats is one of the undeniably perfect honeymoon destinations in the whole wide world. Coorg is lovingly referred to as the ‘Scotland of India’ thanks to its fertile beauty and pleasing weathers. Coorg has a special place among all hill stations in India and there is valid reason for it. There is a list of elite resorts that are nestled into the landscape and they offer couples an unparalleled experience into the Coorg’s lush flora and fauna. There is nothing that can be more intriguing and amazing. You can visit Coorg anytime of the year and there won’t be any complaints as far as the weather is concerned.


The Andamans

Most of the jet-setting couples from all around the world just love the idea of honeymooning at the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Why? Well because they are home to near-deserted beaches, implausible corals and marine life, and an exciting colonial past. As newlyweds you and your partner can enjoy everything from scuba diving and snorkelling to spending time soaking in enormous views of deep forests and magnificent hills that are in the backdrop. What’s even better, the resorts here are overgenerous and offer luxury like none other. Weather is really good during the months of October to February.



The home of the royal palaces, lakes and rich culture, Udaipur. The fantastic palaces, temples, and countless slender, curved streets add to the charm of this most famous destination in Rajasthan. The city will definitely sway you off your feet and you will fall in love with the aura that surrounds the whole city. Even if you go drifting around the city, simply taking in the majestic sights or go travelling the calm lakes on numerous boat rides, there are chances that you will have a feeling of never wanting to leave the area.

You can choose to stay at the extravagant royal palaces that have been turned into hotels and offer some of the best accommodation that you will ever find anywhere in the world. The best time is to visit in the months of November to February when the weather is absolutely favourable.



Nainital is an erstwhile summer retreat of the British that is nestled within the majestic Himalayas. Nainital is a small town settled amidst Uttrakhand’s Kumaon range and is home to the famous Naini Lake that offers an experience you can’t even imagine.  The cool waters of the the Naini Lake, the busy town bazaar consisting of a Mall road and a candle market, and a web of walking tracks around the forested hillsides make Nainital the perfect honeymoon destination. Weather is pleasant all around the year. In case you wish to some wildlife, you can also visit the nearby Corbett National Park, famous for its tigers and horde of elephants.



when it comes to a destination that has it all, there is nothing that surpasses Kerala. Home to rich vegetation, biological diversity and gentle pace of village life in the backwaters make Kerala a perfect destination. You can stay at the river boats or the luxurious hotels and have a time that you will remember for the rest of your life. Enjoy local food and rich culture with your partner and the trip will only get better. You can also choose to spend an evening lounging on a serene beach or explore the splendid backwaters for a day or two, and you will have your perfect getaway, guaranteed.


Here’s What You Need To know.

All these destinations are quite popular and there isn’t a time when world is not filling them up. People from all over the world travel to these destinations all throughout the year. So, it is best that you do all the bookings well in advance. Try to get your hotels booked and tickets booked. This way you will get the best price and save money. Do not get the bookings done from a shady website and get duped. You don’t want to ruin your honeymoon at any cost. Choose a good travel website, for example if you wish to book flights to India from USA, go for something like Flydealfare or and you will get the best service as well as the e price. If you want to make your trip a luxurious one, you can choose to book business class tickets and a top notch accommodation.



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