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Top 10 Travel Hacks That A Smart Traveler Uses


Some people are suffering from the issue of long international business travel. Continuous travel can make them feel stressed and tired. The main concern is how to manage staying fresh and sharp after hours of negotiating deals, long travel, airport queues, and international time zones.

You can see frequent flyers and business movers traveling regularly and even then they look so fresh. It’s not that they are used to it but there’s a reason behind it.

Whether it is your business trip or you are traveling for leisure, you will always wish to have a smoother transit. But there are times when you might end up falling into trouble traps and this can ruin not just your mood but at times also your entire tour. 

Hence, it is extremely important to stay always ready and try some travel hacks for the purpose. Check out these top 10 travel hacks that you will definitely find useful for your next travel plans.

We have picked some top travel hacks used by frequent flyers they use to face travel demons.


Here Are The Tricks on Which You Can Rely For Your Next Trip:


1) Pre-Confirmation:-

The very first most important point from the list of international travel hacks is that you should always get confirmation about the timing or other details before leaving. It may happen that your flight is delayed by several hours. Hence, there is no point in reaching the airport so early. So, confirming before leaving actually helps. 

Before entering the airport and lounge confirm your flights and accommodation days in advance. Pre-confirmation prevents you from unnecessary hassles that you may face in the airport on the spot. Of course, don’t forget to use the business clubs and pre-approved programs.

Also, if you are booking your tickets through a travel agent, there are high chances that the travel agent might put his or her contact details with the airline while booking the tickets. Now, if the flight is delayed or is scheduled to take off before time, it may happen that the travel agent may forget to inform you. Hence, one of the most important flying travel hacks is to update your contact details with the airlines so that you can directly get a notification from the airlines in case of any such changes. 

2) Put All Essentials In Carry-on:-

A number of people prefer to fly light and so try to fit all their stuff in the checked-in baggage. But there can be several times when you may suddenly be in need of something from the bag. So, one of the life hacks for flights is to carry your essentials such as toiletries, medicines, headphones, a dress for necessity, and so on in your checked-in luggage.

You should know what you need on the flight so keep all the essentials in your carry-on baggage. It must include toiletries, a mobile charger, headphones, and clothes. If possible bring your luggage in limit so that it will fit in a carry-on. Don’t bring checked-in baggage if the luggage is less because waiting for the luggage carousel is an extra effort that you can avoid.


3) Use Packing Cubes:-

Whether you are traveling international or domestic, if you wish to have easy travel, you should always pack your items smartly. One of the packing hacks for international travel is to make use of cubes inside your luggage. 

If you are not good at packing then bring the packing cubes to keep the luggage organized. Packing cubes are small-sized zip-able bags that keep your stuff compact. In this way, you can easily know where to look for your stuff without unpacking the whole bag. This will enable you to pack all your stuff differently so that you can take them out easily as and when required. 

Also, you should make sure that you are triple packing all the liquid items so that there are no spillage issues. Even for your wallet, you can use the crayon in the wallet hack so that the wallet does not bend while you are seated for long on the plane.   

4) Travel Documents:-

Passengers missing out on some of the travel documents is something that happens with everyone once in a lifetime. While some may be able to manage such a crisis situation, there can be times when this can mess you up really hard. Hence, one of the best ways is to prepare a file in advance with all your documents in one place so that you do not miss out on anything. 

Keep all the essential documents in a separate file at a handy place. For emergencies keep the photo of the documents on your phone. So, in case if you misplace them then you’ll at least have the proof to show. 

5) Do Some Activity:-

A smart traveler is one who knows how to handle travel stress and tiredness. A journey doesn’t mean sleeping, eating and traveling only. It holds many things in it. You must go to the gym and do some workout and keep your body tuned and active. For this, you can use a hotel gym and pool. 

6) Understand The Difference Of Time Zones:-

Long-haul international travel means you are going to switch between the time zones. So, adjust the time of your activities accordingly. You may get confused with the difference in time so check the flight timings properly. Otherwise, you may miss your flight.

Try out some tricks and hacks to manage the time zone issues for your international flights. Firstly, you should book a flight that is comfortable according to the time zone of both countries. Secondly, you should get yourself prepared too. For example, if you know that while traveling from one country to another, you will not get a night in between to relax, you should get a good amount of sleep in advance before traveling. 


7) Staying Hydrated Is Very Important:-

Long journeys can make you feel anxious. The anxiety can be because of a number of things and ultimately forget to do the most basic thing that is drinking water. Due to lack of hydration in your body, you might feel nauseated at times that can ruin your traveling experience. So, make sure to keep yourself hydrated with an ample amount of water before starting your trip to avoid minor health issues. You can keep a water bottle with you and refill it when it is empty.

8) Make Use Of Free Wi-Fi:-

The internet data is something that you will wish to use for several things such as staying connected with your loved ones or even for completing several activities. But when you can get free Wi-Fi on the go, there is no point in exhausting your personal data. You can always get such provision or free Wi-Fi at the airport or even at different hotels. 

Travelers use cheap or free WiFi provided by hotels or airports. You can use it to share your pictures, documents, or ideas with family friends, or the office. So, keep your mobile charges all the time and stay tuned to your closed ones with the internet facility.

9) Use Flight Ticket Deals:-

A smart traveler is one who looks for deals to book flight tickets. Many travel agents provide deals on flights to India at an affordable price for their customers. So, go with a trusted travel agent to book our air tickets.

There are many travel agent sites that help you earn points for your spendings that you can make use of to buy your next tickets. 

10) Compare The Flight Tickets:-

If you are traveling for a holiday, it is always a great idea to book your tickets in advance. If you try to book a ticket a week or so from your travel date, there are high chances that you will end up paying a fortune for your tickets. Hence, one of the best ways here is to plan in advance and book your tickets in advance before the prices start rolling high. 

This way, you will have ample time in hand to check two or three websites to compare the deals and facilities provided by them. Then compare the flight ticket to your favorite destinations and book the one that best fits you.

While traveling with so much luggage and your family, another important thing apart from the other hacks that you need is to take extra care of safety. There are several eminent travel hacking tips that you should take care of while traveling safely and comfortably. 

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing that does not hinder you while walking or while doing any activity in transit. 
  • Make sure to get information about the weather conditions of your destination so that you can stay prepared with the right arrangements in advance. 
  • Be sure to keep your cash in different luggage apart from your pocket so that you can use them as and when required at times of emergency. 
  • Keep emergency drugs handy such as painkillers so that you can use them as and when required. 
  • Teach your kids to be attentive to you and stay with you always without getting diverted to someone else or something else en-route. 

Traveling can be fun if you are well-prepared for it. But often in a state of hurry, a lot of confusion occurs that can make your travel a messy one. Whether it is your safety or your convenience, it is essential to take care to avoid such confusion. Surely, keeping note of all the above-mentioned hacks will make your traveling not just comfortable but also enjoyable next time.