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Number Of Ways To Earn Frequent Flyer Program Quickly Without Boarding On Flight!


Book a business class or first class flight using frequent flyer points is one of the best ways. But getting a suitable flight is also the most difficult part of securing yourself. On some flights, no-point based bookings are available. The reason for this is that some airlines prohibit the number of tickets that can be booked using frequent flyer points on each flight.

What can you use your points for?

These points provide the number of benefits in terms of free flights, lounge access, and seat upgrades, etc. Most programs also now allow you to purchase items like electronics, beauty products, and even kitchenware. Be aware these items will often cost more than they would at a regular retailer. But, you can beat this by getting more bangs per point and purchase a voucher for a department store, hotel or shop.

Frequent flyer points are about to get free trips on your air travel. The bonuses include hotel discounts, access to airport lounges and shopping malls, gift vouchers, and first-class upgrades.

So, here are top tips including best airline loyalty programs, ways to earn frequent flyer points, finding the best credit card and shopping offers to collect points through the frequent flyer program to book seats to the dream destination.

  1. Look Towards The Best Credit Card For Frequent Flyer Points

One of the easiest ways to collect the frequent travel points is via a credit card. So, always look for an offer that includes a point bonus for joining. For example One of the best credit cards is Citibank to get the points, where you can earn up to 70,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points upon their first spend, and a free night in a hotel every year.

You can either simply apply for the joining bonus points or also can collect points for every dollar you spend on credit. But, do the researchers before you join as higher annual fees and interest rates could nullify the rewards. So, check out the latest joining bonus point deals and special frequent flyer offers.

  1. Select The Right Frequent Flyer Program

When you are choosing the frequent flyer program you need to look into its partners where you can able to collect points. If you join a program that is part of Star Alliance and OneWorld, then chances are high to accruing points while flying with other airlines. Most programs allow you to buy points from partner airlines. Compare the offers across the frequent flyer programs available.

You can buy a cheap first class flight ticket via the frequent flyer program of Columbian airline Avianca, called Lifemiles. It often has offers where you can score 125% of the miles you purchase. You can also fly with its Star Alliance partner airlines such as Lufthansa and Thai Airways.

  1. Shopping Offers To Collect Frequent Flyer Points

Members can also collect the bonus points by shopping at retail partners. Qantas has associations with David Jones, The Iconic, Apple, and Kathmandu to name a few, while Virgin has similar arrangements with more than 200 retailers globally including Clinique, Apple, and Interflora. Through these programs, you can also make the arrangements with rental car companies, hotels, and other tour operators.  So, you can increase your points easily by checking who your program is connected with before booking.

  1. Merge With Family Frequent Travel Points

There are some airlines like British Airways, Virgin Australia, and Japan Airlines, which allow the points of family members to go into one account so you can increase your total faster. Qantas allows four transfers of points between family members within a 12-month period to a maximum 100,000 points each time.

  1. Be Aware With Point Expiration Dates

Frequent flyer program points can expire within a certain time. So, be aware of expiration dates. For example, Singapore Airlines Krisflyer points expire 36 months after accrual. But, those who are bound with frequent flyer world can fall into a problem.

The real key to getting that first-class seat or business upgrade is to travel solo. This could be spontaneous and flexible for everyone. Unused first class seats are often released in the weeks before the flight, so the key is a book as soon as possible and is able to travel when the openings arrive and prepared to travel to your destination via less popular routes.

So now, those who have not joined a frequent flyer program yet read these above guidelines and redeem miles for your nest air travel. All you have to do is decide which is the best frequent flyer program and apply for those frequent flyer points.

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