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Travel Tips You Should Know As A First Time Flyer


Anyone who is traveling the first time gets nervous. There are so many questions buzzing around their mind related to travel. They need to know everything; what to do in the next step and how to do. To avoid such suffering I have come with some tips for air travelers. So, don’t worry about your next journey, book a flight and feel free to travel.

To Make Your Air Travel Memorable; Follow These Steps:

How to book a flight?

People just pick any of the tickets which they are offered if they are traveling for the first time. Let me tell you it is not the right way. You may get an expensive ticket in this way.

First of all, check the offers and deals on various online websites such as Mintfares compare the prices and choose the one which is more suitable for you.


When to Book?

If you can be flexible with your traveling date then choose the offseason to fly. At that time airline offers discounts on the flight ticket. So, you may get a discounted ticket for your journey.


Register the phone number

Register your contact number to the airline through which you are going to fly. By this way, you are going to get the notification of PNR and flight details in advance. Even if the flight is delayed or canceled you will get the message.


Carry a Hand-Baggage

Put the items in hand baggage that you can use during joueney in the flight. There is a policy related to the number, size, and weight of a carry and check-in baggage. Go through the baggage policy of the airline by which you are going to travel and then pack accordingly.


Check-in Baggage

Check-in baggage is left in the luggage holding section. It cannot be accessed during the journey. So, pack the extra things in it which you will need after you reach the destination. There is also a policy for check-in baggage; read it carefully before packing the baggage. Avoid prohibited items such as sharp objects and tools which are restricted by the airline.


Reach the Airport 1 hour in advance

Check carefully from which terminal your flight will depart. Make the estimation of time required to reach the airport and try to reach there 1 hour early. This is because there may be a roadblock, traffic or any other issue that can make you late. Make sure you or your driver know how to reach the airport.


After Reaching the Airport

Go to Check-in counter: Move towards the boarding counter of the mentioned airline for you. Reach the right counter; as there are separate counters for Business/ First/ and Economic class. Hand over your ID proof and ticket there.

At the counter, weight your checked-in baggage on the weighing machine. If the weight exceeds the specified weight then you have to pay for additional weight.

After then collect your ticket and boarding pass from the counter. Ask for the security tag and fix it on your hand baggage.


Go to the security Check

For proper verification and checking you need to go through the security check area. Here you have to place your bags on the tray to pass through the x-ray scanner. Collect the things after security check and here a security guard will stamp on your boarding pass so that you can move forward to the departure gate. From here you can go to the aircraft. To find the seat you can ask a flight attendant to help you.

At last, before flying they will announce some instruction which you have to follow and you are ready to fly.

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