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Get The Glimpse: How Festival Of Lights Is Been Celebrated In India


India believes in celebrating all the festive with great joy and enthusiasm, be that a Christmas, Diwali, Guru Nanak Jayanti or Eid. But we cannot deny this fact, that Diwali is festive which belongs to India. People of India celebrate this festival with all joy and zeal. Every single corner of the country glows with the electric lights, earthen lamps and air balloons. Every single person dressed up in best of their clothes, prepare new food dishes and desserts and distribute happiness with sweets around.

If you have never seen Diwali of India then this is the right time do something different on this Diwali. Come to India and celebrate it in a different style with different traditional values. Check out! How the people of India celebrate Diwali with different cultural values and with full joy and enthusiasm.

Uttar Pradesh:

Lord Rama’s home Ayodhya presently lies in the province of Uttar Pradesh, where the Festival of Lights celebrates with great joy as this place belongs to Lord Rama. In Varanasi, Diwali celebrates extraordinarily with an exceptional night near Ganga with Ganga Aarti, which illuminates the whole Ganga with a huge number of earthen lights which float over the surface. The surface around Ganga looks like that it sings along with priests during Ganga aarti. Every individual welcome Diwali by illuminating fireworks and lighting their homes with earthen lamps. It is really worth to enjoy Diwali in the biggest province of India!

Tamil Nadu:

While the greater part of the nation celebrates Diwali with the blasting of cracker after sunset, in Tamil Nadu, this happens in day. Individuals wake earlier in the morning to have a traditional oil shower. Fragrant pepper, betel leaves and other ingredients are mixed with hot oil for a pre-shower rub. After full body cleans up, new garments are worn and a tonic called ‘Deepavali Lehiyam’ is had as an antecedent to the feast ahead. Then, the ceremony of cracker bursting takes place. Festival end up by night – the time merriments hit their crest in different parts of India. Most Tamilians celebrate Diwali day as the passing of Narakasura, a dreaded devil, on account of Lord Krishna.

Andhra Pradesh:

Many states in India observe Diwali day as the passing of Narakasura, in Andhra Pradesh celebrates incorporate with theatre and drama like that of Dussehra. The killing of the devil is re-acted by heroes that play Satyabhama, the companion of Lord Krishna who killed him. Crackers stuffed in the statue of Narakasura which is been burnt during the play. Along these firecrackers, dining experiences and festival are intended to satisfy their desire. There is also a tradition of purchasing things and gifting. Shop owner gives customers a gift in order to welcome them.


It is said that Lord Rama stayed in Panchvati for most of the time of his 14-year exile. That place is presently near Nasik, in Maharashtra. Put the mythological association aside, Maharashtra celebrates Diwali with incredible passion and zest. On Diwali day, Lakshmi-puja is celebrated on the Diwali evening, where it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi visits the families, carrying with her loads of riches and success. Mouth-watering sweets being served and during Diwali, and Marathis hang ‘Akash-jump’ outside, to illuminate their homes.

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